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La Scéne de la Scéne
by Stephan MacLeod

The Great Rock and Roll Swindle

The East Coast Music Awards (ECMAs) are coming up at the end of this month in Saint John, New Brunswick. And Island bands can't hardly wait to play for audiences of industry execs, sip champaign in hotel hot tubs with A&R reps and rub shoulders with fellow rock stars. Eyes For Telescopes, Réal Pelletier, Lennie Gallant, Patricia Murray, Janet MacGarry, Jive Kings, Kindle and Marcella Richard have all been nominated for awards, but we all know that the awards are the least interesting part of the four-day event. The ECMAs are really an excuse to hear some of the best (and worst) music in Atlantic Canada while bar owners and the ECMAs try to cash in. After paying for an ECMA membership ($45 + tax), registration fees for the 72 Hour Jam ($10.70) or Mike Campbell's ECMA Rock Stage ($10.70), a hotel room, drinks, solvents, etc. musicians can buy their way into East Coast stardom, or as I like to call it, obscurity. ECMA nominees have the chance to purchase advertising space on voter ballots this year. I say forget all this voting bullshit and sell the artists the awards directly.

Tastes like a new name

Would you fight these guys wearing a rubber monster suit?Local hardcore legends, Tastes Like Burning have decided to change their name after over two years of spreading their unique political and musical flavour with the Charlottetown underground scene. The group decided to change their name after it came to their attention that there were five other bands using the same Simpsons reference. Greg Boone says their original plan was to fight the other bands in a ring full of cardboard cutouts of buildings (preferably resembling Tokyo) while dressed in giant rubber monster costumes. But this plan was scratched when it was revealed that one of the other Tastes Like Burnings is a tough-guy hardcore band. The band is still undecided on what their new name will be, although Life Bleeds Motion has been suggested since it is not currently in use by any tough-guy hardcore bands. However, lead singer Jonah Campbell is afraid that a name like Life Bleeds Motion sounds too much like a typical name for a hardcore band. If you have any name suggestions, or would like to remind Mr. Campbell that he is, in fact, in a hardcore band, feel free to email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Under the Hood Guitarist Goes Down Under

Late in the night, long after all the bars had closed, and most people have crawled their way home, I heard sounds creeping out of Piece A Cake and filling Grafton St. with the laid back jams of Under The Hood. The band has been making music in the restaurant for over a year, and started writing songs and playing in actual venues this summer. Recently Mike MacDougall of Eyes For Telescopes set up some recording equipment and captured some tracks from the band at Piece A Cake. The guys are trying to get an album finished before they take a hiatus this January. Guitarist Jeff Stewart is heading to Australia at the end of January and Wes Gallant will be visiting Disney World with his family in mid January, so there will not be any more shows planned for the band until this summer.


Slowcoaster, Port Citizen, Flush and Lending Jane

January 18 at the Arts Guild: It's been a while since there was a good all-ages show in Charlottetown, so Jonathan Holmes of Port Citizen is going to set things right. Cape Breton's funkiest bar band play their second all-ages show in Charlottetown with a fairly diverse lineup of bands. From Lending Jane's power punk to Port Citizen's rasta-funk, this show is bound to have something that will please everyone.

CD Launch


January 25 & 26 at Brennan's: Before all of the good bands in Charlottetown take off for ECMA events in Saint John, Lloyd Doyle is organizing the mother of all local shows will take place at Brennan's. A whole slew of local bands will take the stage for a two-day festival, launching a compilation of Prince Edward Island bands and musicians (see last month's LSDLS for more information). Most of the artists featured on the compilation will make an appearance at the event, so expect to see all the usual suspects of the Char'town bar scene, and even a few new faces. Be on the lookout for posters to find out who is playing and pick up a copy of the compilation when you see it.

If you have any comments or information on the Island music scene, drop me a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


STEP 1: Play a song

STEP 2: Get Mike to record

STEP 3: Listen to the Recording

STEP 4: Mix

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