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La Scéne de la Scéne
by Stephan MacLeod

Last Music Fest of the Summer

You can Dream Among Stars and watch the band of the same name at the Cymbria Music Festival

The Cymbria Campground in South Rustico is hosting a three day music festival to cap off the summer with over a diverse selection of over twenty-five bands. With the purchase of a $35 weekend pass, you get to camp out while you rock out to the music of Flush, Dreams Among Stars, Port Citizen, Eyes For Telescopes, New Generation Singers, Dionisus, Hollow, 3 Piece Suit, Bad Investment, Mike Page, Bonnie Leclair, Tremulous, Peter Martin, Church, Scott Parsons, Motel Money Murder, Acorn Rangers, Negative J, Brooke Miller, Later Daze, Under the Hood, Split Lip, The Tuesdays, The Blueprints, Northern Otis & the PE All-Stars, Este Mundo, Lending Jane, Good Man's Fortune, and Uprising. The festival will run rain or shine on September 6-8th. If you don't think your senses can handle three entire days of music and camping, day passes are available at the gate for $15. And if buy your weekend pass before September 6th, you can save $5. Passes are available at Matt's Juice Bar at the Farmer's Market, Sober's Music, National Music, Toombs Music, Back Alley Discs, and W's World.


At long last, Eyes For Telescopes have released their new album, Soundsaroundus. This self-produced disc features favourites from the band's live show like "Catatonica" and "Honey" as well as some new tunes that showcase a more atmospheric side of the group. The Eyes' sound uniquely blends together raunchy blues, indie rock, and psychadelica into a refreshing mix of catchy riffs, haunting harmonies, and a punk rock energy unlike anything you've ever heard before. Despite shared songwriting duties by all five members of the group, the band manages to maintain a consistancy within Soundsaroundus with reflective songs about trying to survive in world that's gone completely insane. Most of the characters in these stories have stumbled onto hard times, but a sense of hope or a search for happiness looms in the background. Multiple listens of this album are rewarding in more ways than one.

Bill Lynch Tribute

Carnie love is the focus of The Rude Mechanicals' latest single, "Bill Lynch Girl," released last month in honour of the Exhibtion at Old Home Week. Despite the fact that Bill Lynch's Travelling Midway has been replaced with Campbell Amusement, The Rudes have released their tribute to Lynch to Island radio hoping to revive nostalgia of motion sickness, cotton candy, and carnival games with crappy prizes. You can download this song on the band's website at

Port Citizen No Longer Shirtless

Baba's Lounge is intimate, Not small.

Earlier this summer, Port Citizen's Brodie Read received a complaint while landscaping on the UPEI campus without a shirt on. Luckily, Port Citizen now have t-shirts featuring the band's logo available to appease the shirtless and prevent Brodie from intimidating male professors at the university. You can buy these shirts in black or white directly from the band.

Lo-Fi Releases

Motel Money Murder are releasing a Demonstration, 9 ballsy, hard rocking tracks on Sandbar Music's brand new Lo-Fi Street label. The band has been building a reputation as one of the loudest bar bands in Charlottetown since they first debuted on the Sandbar compilation, Before the Big Feast in February, and this recording promises to retain the band's raw and bloody sound. Lo-Fi Street has been established by Sandbar as no-frills record label for releasing demos, home recordings, live recordings and reissues of material from the region's underground music scene.

Record Label Shifts Direction

Preteam records has announced that they are unable to release the compilation CD, Black Eyes and Forcefull Cries due to financial difficulties. The label may be down, but not out as they plan to record bands for low prices, and help out withp with album covers and booking shows on and off island.

Shows You Will Regret Missing, You Stupid Stupid Fool

Sarah Harmer plays the Jubilee Theatre on September 26.

Thursday, September 26 Sarah Harmer with Nathan Wiley at the Jubilee Theatre in Summerside. tickets available at 1800 708 6505.
Saturday, September 21: The Greg MacPherson Band with Windom Earle and Hardly Anybody at the Charlottetown Boys and Girls Club.
September 23: One Shot Left, Ripping Hammer, and Later Daze at the Charlottetown Boys and Girls Club.


La Scéne de la Scéne
by Stephan MacLeod

The Coast

TDennis Ellsworth took off his pants at last year's Close to the Coast.he second annual Close To the Coast music festival will be hitting Baba's Lounge this Labour Day Weekend. The four day event will showcase the best of local and Maritime independent music from August 28-31. This year's show will bring back a few familiar faces from last year like Slowcoaster, Rock Ranger, Neusieland, The Rude Mechanicals, Port Citizen, Eyes For Telescopes, The Tuesdays, Windom Earle, The New Drifts, and Under the Hood. But a few new bands will also be introduced to the line up like Halifax's high octane, no-wave sex symbol, A/V, who will be bringing his shopping cart full of old school key boards and sequencers. Beatbox prodigy Kaleb Simmonds will team up with Halifax's DMC champion DJ Skratch Bastid. Former Guthrie, Matt Mayes and El Torpedo will play their first show in Charlottetown at this festival. And Happy Medium from Saint John will also make an appearance. All in all, this year's event promises to be an eclectic four days of music and Lebanese food.

Golden Horseshoe

Jeff from Under The Hood enjoys a sausage. Yummers.

You couldn't write a better success story for Summerside's Nathan Wiley. Besides becoming a finalist for yet another CBC contest, Wiley, has inked a deal with Atlantic Music Group. This means he will be under the helpful management of Louis Thomas, who is best known for his work as Great Big Sea's manager. Nathan will be performing in the semi-finals for The Great Canadian Music Dream contest on September 22 at the Rebecca Cohn in Halifax. This event will be recorded for broadcast on the CBC.

Tastes Like a New Band
Local activist-core legends, Tastes Like Burning (Jonah Campbell, Greg Boone, Jamie Hanus, and Ryan Gallant) have called it quits after about three years of energetic and emotionally devastating performances in the Charlottetown all-ages scene. After recently releasing their second CD, The Imposition of Order, and going on a crazy tour in the United States the band has decided to switch gears and a new group has emerged with most of the members of TLB. Rock and Roll Party Machine describe themselves as a bit crazier and more melodic.

New Venue
Growing concern over a lack in affordable venues to put on concerts in the independent music scene in Charlottetown has prompted a group of local youths to begin lobbying politicians to help them create a non-profit venue to put on concerts. If you would like to help bring a community center to Charlottetown, check out their website, for more information.

Mellow Gold

The New DriftsThe New Drifts have recently released a CD of warm and smokey songs called Nemisis. This talented group from Summerside create an inviting vibe courtesy of their soft, pretty harmonies, hypnotic, repetitive grooves, and inventive use of percussion. This album is perfect for anyone who has a hankering for progressive roots music.

One Inch Punch

Local music promoters and entrepeneurs, Greg Boone and Mike Lecky, have recently acquired a 1" button press and already they are busy manufacturing pins for local bands. For twenty bucks, you can get 50 black and white buttons printed for your band, or outlaw biker gang. They will also make smaller orders at $1/button. Check out for more info on buttons and other projects these kids are cooking up.

If I Hear One More Song About Mountains...

We arrived at the 17th Annual PEI Bluegrass and Oldtime Music Festival at the Rollo Bay Festival Grounds late Friday night. By late, I mean they were about to close the gates when we drove onto the festival grounds in the wee hours of the night. And by arrive, I mean we drove in the complete opposite direction for several hours, turned around, got a map at a gas station in Charlottetown, then drove another 45 minutes towards Souris. Even though we were setting up our tent in the middle of the night, there was still plenty of music to be heard between the hundreds of RV's and tent communities. Walking along the grassy festival grounds, we couldn't exactly find the various jam sessions but remaining quiet and following the sounds. For some reason the campfire bluegrass jams would just sneak up on us. As we walked, a giant stand up bass and a group of seasoned pros would just appear, and their traditional music would vanish without a trace by the time you walked by the next RV.

John Mullins is starstruck by Wildfire's Dobro player, Phil Leadbetter.

We found the area that The Tuesdays transformed into an outdoor version of Buzzy's, and we hung around there and ate barbecued sausages. John Mullins brought his new dobro and mentioned that after he saw that several of the best bluegrass dobro players in North America are very stout gentleman, he would have to start eating more.
Wildfire, one of the headlining bands from Tennasee had a huge dobro player with amazing chops. This band was by far the most entertaining group of the weekend. They played faster and harder than any of the other groups there, and they had an excellent stage presence.
Unfortunately, one of the many rules during the festival prohibited dancing (as well as spoon playing or loud talking) in the stage area, so despite the energy generated by Wildfire, we had to contain ourselves on the wooden benches and quietly enjoy the music.
Despite the rules against dancing, alcoholic beverages, pets, and pleasure riding of bicycles, the atmosphere of the festival was extremely welcoming and the numerous late night jam sessions were filled with spontaneous teamings of amateur and professional musicians.


La Scéne de la Scéne
by Stephan MacLeod

De La Soul meets De La Scène

For ten days I was held captive by various Island bands as they took their shows on the road and invaded Toronto the week of North By North East (NXNE). The following is a collection of antecdotes and observations made during the journey.

The Show Must Go On

It was barely two days into Port Citizen's Eastern Canadian tour when lead singer Brodie Read came down with an illness. "I feel sick as a dog," he mumbled from his bed at the Prospect Inn in Fredericton. The night before Brodie got sick, Port Citizen played to an unreceptive crowd at The Upper Deck, a local sports/pick-up/dance bar not unlike Myron's. The sound kept cutting out during the band's first set, and a couple fights broke out between security guards and guys from a nearby military base after the show was over. Nobody in Port Citizen was looking forward to playing a second night there, and with Brodie's sudden illness, it did not seem likely that they would be able to anyway.

Brodie feels sickTwo hours before showtime, they had to decide whether or not they were going to play. Although playing the Upper Deck was not the most pleasant experience, the band needed these gigs to make enough money to pay for the rest of the tour - over twenty days on the road with very few paying gigs in between. After being fed some over-the-counter medication from Shoppers Drug Mart, Brodie made the decision to brave his illness and play after a short nap. About an hour before the band was supposed to play, Brodie was dragged into the van where he curled up in the back and slept until the moment he went on stage.
Despite having to take shots of Pepto Bismol after every song and short naps between each set, Brodie gave a surprisingly energetic performance, and the band managed to attract a few dancers beside the tiny stage.

Al Tuck Sighted

Dan Currie of Eyes For Telescopes spotted Al Tuck, the Dylanesque troubadour from Summerside, one afternoon in Toronto. "I was hanging out in front of the tattoo place and I saw Al Tuck walking up the street," says Currie, who got an impressive dragon tattooed on his shoulder the night of his band's showcase at NXNE. "You run into Al Tuck no matter where you go," observed Currie."I talked to him for about two minutes and then he just stood there and stared at me. It freaked me out. I guess that was my highlight.".Tuck reportedly made an unscheduled appearance at Little Miss Moffat's NXNE showcase where he played an out-of-key harmonica with her.

Pandora's Box

On the first night of NXNE, Port Citizen, Peter Forbes of The Rude Mechanicals and I went to an after-hours party we were told of by an assistant to the festival organizer. The party was located at Pandora's Box, but this was not the type of place that had a sign, or an address. We eventually stumbled into a dark alleyway where we were greeted by a guy in a tuxedo who asked us for ten bucks. We were eventually led through someone's apartment and out onto the roof of another building, then through a door beneath a fire escape. The party was straight out of a poser's guide to Andy Warhol. There were glam-rock wannabes that looked like rejects from Robin Black's band, transvestites, guys in suits, a topless girl with an outfit painted on her body, hipsters, cokeheads, important record people, and us. We were wearing t-shirts carrying backpacks, and feeling a little out of place.
 Todd MacLean upset that the Rude Mechanicals' showcase isn't mentioned in my article.
Pete MacDonald, who is a lobster fisherman when he's not playing bass in Port Citizen, almost got into a fight with a glam rocker in the line up to use the bathroom. Pete insisted to the guy that he needed the washroom to piss, not to do drugs in, but the glam rocker didn't believe him and threatened to kick his ass if he cut in front of him. Pete laughed and repeated the threat as if to clarify what the guy wearing nail polish and a glittery shirt said. "Wait a minute. You're going to kick my ass?"
After Pete used the washroom, we decided to ditch the ten-dollar party because it was definitely not our scene.
On our way out the door, Brodie heard one of the security guards' walkie talkies announce, "De La Soul is at the front door and wants to come in."
We decided to stay a bit longer. Trugoy from De La Soul arrived with a small entourage. I got my photo taken with him, and Port Citizen gave the head A&R guy from Sony, or as they called it "Snowy," a CD.
A Conversation Between Craig MacPherson of Eyes For Telescopes and Mike Dirnt of Greenday

Craig tells Blue Thunder their last album sucked.Craig: Hey, you're that guy from Greenday.
Mike smiles and shakes Craig's hand.
craig: Your last album sucked.
Mike MacDougall Brings Joy To Toronto With Humorous Shirt
"I was walking around Toronto in my 'I F------ Stink" t-shirt, and I got so many comments on it. People were yelling from across the street, 'Hey, f------ awesome shirt!'
"I was in a subway with Dennis [Ellsworth]'s girlfriend Marie, and some older ladies sitting in a group of seats in front of where we were standing. And they were talking back and forth to each other over the seats, and one woman happened to look up and see my shirt. One of the women had asked her a question, but she was laughing too hard to answer the question. And finally I realized what she was laughing at, then I started laughing.

The sweet smell of Mike."And she was like, 'I really like your shirt.'
"It was funny, because most people don't really smile [in Toronto], but by wearing that shirt I'd see people smile and laugh."

Belinda Doyle's Toronto Experience

One night we were sitting outside the Horseshoe and this streetguy had a magic marker and he was drawing on a clothing store window. He was drying peace signs and flowers and I wanted to draw a flower or something. And I asked if I could draw something with him, but he told me he didn't have enough ink. Then he said you could only use it to draw peace signs, so I told him I'd draw a peace sign. But he said, 'No, I don't have enough ink.' It was the first pretentious bum I ever met...well not the first, but it was interesting. It was Toronto."



La Scéne de la Scéne
by Stephan MacLeod

Jonah Campbell takes off his shirt for capitalismPort Citizen and The Rude Mechanicals rubbed sweaty shoulders with funk and ska legends Fishbone in Moncton during The Rudes' Flipping Through the East tour. The two Charlottetown bands were playing in The Paramount the same night that Fishbone and Canadian punk icons, D.O.A. were playing at Oxygen, a larger venue located in the same building as The Paramount. Despite competing for an audience with two legendary bands, a few die hard Rude Mechanical and Port Citizen fans cheered on the locals. Some members of Fishbone also enjoyed some of Port Citizen's set before their own show. Port Citizen finished their set early and caught the last forty minutes of Fishbone's performance. While they were unloading gear after the show, somebody invited Port Citizen and The Rudes to a hang out on Amanda Marshall's tourbus with members of her band and Fishbone. The guys raided the bus's liquor supply which belonged to the bus's previous inhabitants, Sum 41. Pete MacDonald of Port Citizen was so excited, he marked his territory in front of Amanda Marshall's bus.

Brodie Read in a van and a Blurry photo of the mosh pit

Port Citizen will be marking their territory across the country as they head out to play a few gigs at the Montreal International Fringe Festival between June 13-23.

Bill Matthews took this photo of Angelo from Fishbone. Grrrrrrr!Before playing the Fringe Festival, Port Citizen will be joining The Rude Mechanicals and Eyes For Telescopes at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto on Wednesday June 5. The show will be a chance for Eyes For Telescopes and The Rudes to warm up before both bands play showcases at the North By Northeast (NXNE) Music Festival and Industry Conference later that week. The Rudes' NXNE show is Thursday June 6 at 9:00 PM at Clinton's, and Eyes For Telescopes play Friday June 7 at 1:00 AM at the Tarnzac Club. Only four bands from the Maritimes were selected to play NXNE this year, which features a bill of four hundred bands and artists from all over the world.

Bill Matthews took this photo of Angelo from Fishbone. Grrrrrrr!

While the Eyes show their goods to Central Canada, they will also be getting wider exposure on the East Coast when Alexander Keiths launches its "Tap Into the Evolution of East Coast Music" campaign. Over a hundred thousand copies of three compilation CDs that include the Eyes' song "Hey Alright" as well as a song by the Atlantic Region winner of CBC One's Big Break Contest, Nathan Wiley, will be available with the purchase of Keith's starting on June 1 in New Brunswick, and July 1 on Prince Edward Island. Stay tuned for the brand new Eyes For Telescopes CD, which has been mixed and is currently in the mastering stage. Watch for details for a huge release party.

Speaking of huge release parties, the most intense underground experience in Charlottetown, Tastes Like Burning, have released a brand new CD. The band launched their new album (as well as themselves) at a massive all ages show at the Arts Guild on May 18 with twelve other local artists. Rock Out Or Die Part Deux was the band's way of celebrating the diversity of the local music scene and also a way to raise money for their upcoming tour of the U.S. and Canada. Be sure to pick up their new CD, The Imposition of Order, which will most likely be available at Back Alley Discs.

If you want to find out what's new at Back Alley, check out their brand spanking new website, for news, reviews, and other goodies. The new site allows people to submit their own album reviews.

In another publication, I wrote a satirical editorial piece making fun of Back Alley Discs. The owner, Chas Guay, asked me to clarify that he did not write the piece, and I apologize if anybody thought he wrote it.

Nigel of Motel Money Murder

Before I end this thing, I'd like to recommend a few new bands that have emerged on the PEI music scene. Besides being named after a cool movie, Army of Darkness put on a hell of a show. This band from Summerside brings the mosh with a vengeance. During their set at Rock Out Or Die Part Deux, half the stage was filled with members of the audience rocking out and stage diving. They bring an energy and attitude to shows that throws everyone into a dark and violent frenzy. Motel Money Murder have threatened me bodily harm, if I do not write something about them. If you dig Sonic Youth, MC5, or The Stooges, then you're probably too old to go to all ages shows. Motel Money Murder are the perfect solution. This mop-haired group of rock and rollers have been opening for local bar bands throughout Charlottetown. Pay them a visit at their next show, and please tell Jason Birt to stop emailing me.


La Scéne de la Scéne
by Stephan MacLeod

Your Barn Door Is Open

The Rude Mechanicals, some other guys, and a kitchen.

On April 20th, the Rude Mechanicals will return from Toronto to play the last Drink-the-Barn-Dry ever at the UPEI Barn. The Barn has served as the home of the UPEI Student Union for the past thirty years. The Barn's doors will be open one last time for the Rude Mechanicals to play the building's final concert ever. A new venue is expected to open on campus on August 10 when the new student union building opens. The Rudes played many a show in the Barn in their early days at UPEI. The stage at the Barn has a long history of memorable concerts and famous Canadian performers taking the stage. Bands like Sloan, Jan Arden, Poppa Shine, Blue Rodeo, and I Mother Earth have all played there at one time or another (not all at once, mind you, but that would have been a fun show if they actually did). Summerside's Lending Jane will be opening for the Rudes at this show.

ITEM: The Internet Is Now Available on Computers

Prince Edward Island's underground music and skateboard scene now has a place to call its home on the Internet. is a non-profit website that informs members of the local community of upcoming events and news and serves as a resource for sounds and pictures of bands and skaters. Following in the footsteps of and, PEILocals is maintained by local writers and people involved in the scene.

Bill Hangs Up His Boots

Cable 10 mainstay Bill's Jamboree is going the way of Compass. Bill Acorn, has hosted the show since March 1, 1977. The unrehearsed jamsession which featured local amateur musicians and various people wearing cowboy hats was the longest running show on Island cable.

Luther Wright's Diary
The bluegrass equivalent of Pink Floyd is coming back to Baba's on April 3. Luther Wright and the Wrongs are going to cook up Pink Floyd's The Wall and some smokin' originals when they bring their show into town. There's a blurb on the band's tour diary, about the last time they rolled into town. There's a brief mention of partying at Buzzy's place and a shout out to local alt-country stars, the Tuesdays: "Curtis and I go with a girl and two cowboy guys to a party a few blocks from the bar where we listen to some fellas play country songs and sip a couple of beers. When we leave the quiet cowboy guy gives me a cd [Build a Horse] that they made in the living room's awesome!" You can read stories about the band's adventures on the road at

House of Rock Returneth
Rowdy Cape Bretoners will move into Baba's Lounge on April 12 and 13 this month for two nights of the best in Atlantic Canadian music. Rock Ranger will kick some serious ass on the 12th, and Slowcoaster will clean up the mess. Who's the fucking man???


 XEnvisionX from Awesomfest!


Last January in a musty basement on Beach Grove Road, a festival celebrating awesomeness was launched to an awesome reception by the 60 or so hardcore music fans who managed fit uncomfortably in the sweat-filled cellar. Five bands, a missing iguana, and a naked run in the snow were among the many awesome highlights of the event which showcased both local underground bands and Halifax's hardcore scene for one night. Oh how awesomely the times have changed. Awesomefest's humble subterranean beginnings are a far cry from the overall awesomeness planned for the fest's follow-up, AWESOMEFEST II!!! Featuring an impressive line-up of away bands and the best musicians in Charlottetown's scene, Awesomefest II promises, if nothing else, to be awesome. Representing a variety of styles and sensibilities, Awesomefest II will showcase everything from crybaby emo artists like Moneen, to the no-wave 80's dance stylings of Halifax's A/V. Even the forgotten art of heavy metal will return briefly on April 6th when the The Cadre hosts a night of classic metal covers featuring local rock stars Eyes For Telescopes, and Port Citizen. Returning from the original Awesomefest will be XEnvisionX, Three Fine Days, and the local flailcore rockmachine, Tastes Like Burning. Awesomefest II kicks off on March 29 at the Arts Guild with three away bands: The Plan, Slight Return, and The Rudy Huxtable Project. Can it possibly get any awesomer? No, grandma, it doesn't.Bring your nice shoes and some chewing gum.


La Scéne de la Scéne
by Stephan MacLeod

The Great Rock and Roll Swindle

The East Coast Music Awards (ECMAs) are coming up at the end of this month in Saint John, New Brunswick. And Island bands can't hardly wait to play for audiences of industry execs, sip champaign in hotel hot tubs with A&R reps and rub shoulders with fellow rock stars. Eyes For Telescopes, Réal Pelletier, Lennie Gallant, Patricia Murray, Janet MacGarry, Jive Kings, Kindle and Marcella Richard have all been nominated for awards, but we all know that the awards are the least interesting part of the four-day event. The ECMAs are really an excuse to hear some of the best (and worst) music in Atlantic Canada while bar owners and the ECMAs try to cash in. After paying for an ECMA membership ($45 + tax), registration fees for the 72 Hour Jam ($10.70) or Mike Campbell's ECMA Rock Stage ($10.70), a hotel room, drinks, solvents, etc. musicians can buy their way into East Coast stardom, or as I like to call it, obscurity. ECMA nominees have the chance to purchase advertising space on voter ballots this year. I say forget all this voting bullshit and sell the artists the awards directly.

Tastes like a new name

Would you fight these guys wearing a rubber monster suit?Local hardcore legends, Tastes Like Burning have decided to change their name after over two years of spreading their unique political and musical flavour with the Charlottetown underground scene. The group decided to change their name after it came to their attention that there were five other bands using the same Simpsons reference. Greg Boone says their original plan was to fight the other bands in a ring full of cardboard cutouts of buildings (preferably resembling Tokyo) while dressed in giant rubber monster costumes. But this plan was scratched when it was revealed that one of the other Tastes Like Burnings is a tough-guy hardcore band. The band is still undecided on what their new name will be, although Life Bleeds Motion has been suggested since it is not currently in use by any tough-guy hardcore bands. However, lead singer Jonah Campbell is afraid that a name like Life Bleeds Motion sounds too much like a typical name for a hardcore band. If you have any name suggestions, or would like to remind Mr. Campbell that he is, in fact, in a hardcore band, feel free to email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Under the Hood Guitarist Goes Down Under

Late in the night, long after all the bars had closed, and most people have crawled their way home, I heard sounds creeping out of Piece A Cake and filling Grafton St. with the laid back jams of Under The Hood. The band has been making music in the restaurant for over a year, and started writing songs and playing in actual venues this summer. Recently Mike MacDougall of Eyes For Telescopes set up some recording equipment and captured some tracks from the band at Piece A Cake. The guys are trying to get an album finished before they take a hiatus this January. Guitarist Jeff Stewart is heading to Australia at the end of January and Wes Gallant will be visiting Disney World with his family in mid January, so there will not be any more shows planned for the band until this summer.


Slowcoaster, Port Citizen, Flush and Lending Jane

January 18 at the Arts Guild: It's been a while since there was a good all-ages show in Charlottetown, so Jonathan Holmes of Port Citizen is going to set things right. Cape Breton's funkiest bar band play their second all-ages show in Charlottetown with a fairly diverse lineup of bands. From Lending Jane's power punk to Port Citizen's rasta-funk, this show is bound to have something that will please everyone.

CD Launch


January 25 & 26 at Brennan's: Before all of the good bands in Charlottetown take off for ECMA events in Saint John, Lloyd Doyle is organizing the mother of all local shows will take place at Brennan's. A whole slew of local bands will take the stage for a two-day festival, launching a compilation of Prince Edward Island bands and musicians (see last month's LSDLS for more information). Most of the artists featured on the compilation will make an appearance at the event, so expect to see all the usual suspects of the Char'town bar scene, and even a few new faces. Be on the lookout for posters to find out who is playing and pick up a copy of the compilation when you see it.

If you have any comments or information on the Island music scene, drop me a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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STEP 2: Get Mike to record

STEP 3: Listen to the Recording

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