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Grief Support Drop-in Group

A Grief Support Drop-in Group meets the third Thursday of each month from 7–8 pm at Provincial Pal [ ... ]

Speak–Easy Toastmasters

Speak–Easy Toastmasters meet the first and third Wednesday of the month from 6:00–8:15 pm a [ ... ]

Drill Queens

Review by Jonathan Stewart

The Drill Queens return for their fourth year of skit comedy at the Charlottetown Festival. Now numbering only two, the Queens present a whirlwind show of an hour and a half of new and classic sketches. Cynthia Dunsford and Laurie Murphy present a whole slew of characters that titillate and stimulate the audience. It is delightful to see the Charlottetown Festival present something that contains some risqué material-a nice contrast to the feel good vibrations of a certain hyperactive red haired ragamuffin. The Drill Queens put on a great show that is all the more impressive since it's only the two of them. At no time does the show lag or slow down as the performers change or get ready.

One of my favorite skits is where the Queens play two old biddies coming to see the show. I swear every play I have seen has had those two characters they perform in the audience. That is the best kind of comedy-when a comedian creates a persona and you nod and say, "Hey, Yeah, I know them." Another measure of good comedy is when one can make their audience squirm unpleasantly but laugh at the same time. The Queens accomplish this with the skits "The Dresser," "Male Itch" and "Totally In Tune." These involve a reverse strip tease, a Gold Bond commercial and a session of watching the Women's Television Network. Other stand out skits include the unbelievably funny "Anne and Emily" where the Island's favorite orphans square off and a dead-on impression of Confed' Centre's Executive Director Curtis Barlow.

The Studio Theatre (formerly the Lecture Theatre) is an awkward theatre venue since it's a mere square room, but the Drill Queens overcome this obstacle with effective lighting and good prop and costume use. This is a production where I can guarantee you will be laughing. And nodding while thinking "Hey, Yeah, I know that person."

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