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5th Etsy Made In Canada Day

On September 29 there will be pop up markets organized by local Etsy sellers taking place in dozens  [ ... ]

Grief Support Drop-in Group

A Grief Support Drop-in Group meets the third Thursday of each month from 7–8 pm at Provincial Pal [ ... ]

Amusing and Clever

DK Molar: The Devious Dentist

Review by Anna Pierlot

Top: Donna Glass (Iva Paine), Annie Bungay (Flossy Daily), Randall Fletcher (D.K. Molar), Toby Murphy (Nova Caine) and Peggy King (Polly Dent). Bottom: Paul Hopkins (Phil de Tooth), Pep MacDonald (Audience Coach) and Dawn Sadoway (Director). (photo: Anna Pierlot)Taking place in the beautiful Kings Playhouse in Georgetown, D.K. Molar: The Devious Dentist is a pleasant comedy about the crafty Dr. Molar and his unscrupulous partner Nurse Nova Caine. Reminiscent of a fifty’s era drama, complete with an audience coach, the deliberately cheesy humor and melodramatic acting combine to create an experience perfect for the spoof-loving audience.

The plot revolves around dentist D.K. Molar and his assistant Nurse Caine, who have so far been happily replacing their patients gold crownings with fool’s gold and pocketing the spoils. That is, until Flossy Daily, their new and unexpectedly inquisitive (and attractive) receptionist arrives on the scene. Suspicious of the pair’s odd behaviors, Flossy pokes around to try and uncover their evil scheme. Romance fills the gaps between Flossy’s investigations and Dr. Molar’s sinister activities when the handsome Dr. Phil de Tooth meets Flossy and the two instantly fall for each other. In addition there are plenty of hilarious encounters with unsuspecting patients Iva Paine and Polly Dent, as they find themselves dancing jigs and hearing voices in and out of the dentist’s office.

Amusing and clever songs introduce and end the scenes, adding to the atmosphere and comedy. The intentional cliches and exaggerated characters weave together with a simple but clever plot to produce a lighthearted evening with occasional belly laughs. Written by American playwright Billy St. John and directed by Canadian singer and actress Dawn Sadoway, D.K. Molar: The Devious Dentist is energetically acted by a talented Island cast; Randall Fletcher as Dr. Molar, Annie Bungay as Flossy Daily, Donna Glass as Iva Paine, Paul Hopkins as Phil de Tooth, Peggy King as Polly Dent and Toby Murphy as Nova Caine, with Pep MacDonald as the audience coach. Join the comical cast every Wednesday evening starting at seven-thirty through July and August. For tickets or information regarding performances, contact the Playhouse by phone: 902-652-2053.

Ingenious and fun

Prayers and Prohibition

Review by Anna Pierlot

Cast of Prayers and Prohibition (l–r): Paul Hopkins (the Reverend), Ben MacDonald (the Sheriff), Carolyn MacDonald (the Farmer/Paperboy) and Dylan Sampson (the Shopkeeper) with, at back, writer/directors, Joe MacDonald (left) and Jonah Anderson (right). (photo: Anna Pierlot)Spirits are high at the St. Peter’s Bay Courthouse Theatre, thanks to a new play written and directed by locals Joe MacDonald and Jonah Anderson. It’s called Prayers and Prohibition, and it centers around the misadventures of a quirky sheriff as he attempts to uphold the laws of prohibition in his town. The slapstick humor and small-town comedy remind one of an energized Beverly Hillbillies, while the clever, easy-flowing plot makes for an enjoyable and entertaining evening.

Headed up by a talented young cast, Prayers and Prohibition is a quirky knee-slapper, unraveling its rollicking tale with the help of a high-strung but determined Sheriff, a phlegmatic Reverend, a young paperboy, a slow farmer and a sarcastic Shopkeeper. Convinced that there are liquor smugglers infiltrating his town, the Sheriff is on a mission to root out and capture the culprits. Misguided mess-ups and entertaining encounters rule the stage as he investigates various wild goose chases. The energetic physical comedy, especially between the Reverend and the Sheriff, make for many belly laughs throughout the performance, while the shopkeeper’s dry commentary and the farmer’s sluggish moodiness tickle the ribs in this showcase of local talent.  In addition, toe-tapping music weaves through the scenes, keeping the country feel alive throughout the performance and adding to the overall mood of the play. Lovers of the absurd and the goofy will enjoy an ingenious evening of fun in the beautiful St. Peter’s Bay with the cast of Prayers and Prohibition.

The talented young cast include Ben MacDonald as the oddball Sheriff, Paul Hopkins as the Reverend, Dylan Sampson as the Shopkeeper, and Carolyn MacDonald as the Farmer and Paperboy. Join them and their amusing antics every Thursday night through July and August, starting at eight o’clock. For tickets or more information, contact the Courthouse by phone: 902-961-3636.

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Juliet, Naked

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Tétreault & Scarfone

Classical cello and piano September 23
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