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A Sound Room with a View

by Dave Gould

Gordon and Charlene Belsher operate Guernsey Cove Parlour Productions from their home by the shore
It was three years ago that I was last at Gordon and Charlene Belsher's home and recording studio in Guernsey Cove. At the time, they were putting a wrap around verandah on their house to take advantage of the beautiful view of the Northumberland Straight. It was there that I had one of the most memorable moments of my life. Just as I was getting in my truck, we heard a sound coming from the straight. Within seconds we were at the beach watching a school of whales swim past. I then realized that the Belshers had an amazing location to stimulate true musical inspiration.

Both Gordon and Charlene have been involved in music as musicians and entrepreneurs for most of their lives. Many people may remember them as the founding members of the group Jar O' Comfort. Gordon has been touring as Richard Wood's guitar player for the past three years and Charlene owns and operates the Old General Store in Murray River. Together they run Gurnsey Cove Parlour Productions which is comfortably located in the parlour of their King's County Manor. Gordon produces and engineers while Charlene handles the public relations side of things.

Their studio philosophy is to provide a comfortable atmosphere where the artists will be inspired and at their best. Gordon then tries to utilize his equipment's full potential to capture the performance. Over the years they have developed a system where, with a bit of hard work, the artists can recover all their costs by selling only 500 copies of their product.

Gordon has informed me that he has recently acquired a computer and now can record direct to disc as well as on 16 track analog. Since this new acquisition the studio has had it's busiest year yet and has projects lined up well into the summer. With over 40 recordings under their belt since 1992, the Belshers have become known mainly for their acoustic and vocal recording though they welcome any type of audio project.

One of the best indicators of a quality studio is the number of repeat customers that record there. Gordon has been pleased with the number of artists that come back to record based not solely on their experience at his studio but for Gordon's discerning ears.

I can't promise you whales if you visit Guernsey Cove Parlour Productions but I am sure the nearby sandy beach, combined with the relaxed home atmosphere, will ease the pressure of recording.

Technical Stuff
Format: Direct-to-disc/Ensoniq PARIS (4 tracks simultaneous) up to 128 tracks; or Analog tape (16 tracks simultaneous) Digital Mastering to CD-R or DAT
Board: Tascam 2516
Monitors: Tannoy 6.5
Processing: Outboard-2 Yamaha SPX 900, BBE Sonic Maximizer, CBX Dual Compressor/Limiter/Gate
Digital Processing Software: Multi-Band Compression, De-Hissing, EFX
Antares Auto-Tune Microphones: Beyer C740, AKG, Shure, Peavey
Headphones: 4
Dimensions: Sound Room-11' x 12', Entry "Studio B"-7' x 7'

Non-technical Stuff
No Smoking
50 minutes to Charlottetown, 15 minutes to Wood Islands
Restaurant & take-out 2 minutes away
Large verandah & gazebo, beautiful water view
Washroom & kitchen facilities in house
Languages: English, slow French
Rates: $35 per hour

Engineering and Producing
Pre and Post Production
Project co-ordination
Mobile Capability

Over 40 album projects including:
Ancestral Voices Celtic Christmas-College of Piping (ECMA 1996 nominee)
Confederation Bridge-Jericho Road (ECMA 1998 nominee)
The Great Beyond-Jamie MacKay (ECMA 2000 nominee)
Send the Light-Jericho Road (ECMA 2000 nominee)
The River, There's a Light, When a Child is Born-Kendall Docherty
Imagine That-Marlane O'Brien
Wanted Live-Urban Carmichael
An Island Christmas Reader-David Weale
Garden by the Meadow-Gillebreth
The Anchor Holds-Anders Balderston
"Fiddle Fever"-track on Richard Wood's Fire Dance album (ECMA1998 winner)

Virtual Studios

by Dave Gould

Buying your first musical instrument is a big move. Deciding to go to university is also a big move. How about making the decision to leave a secure job in order to pursue a dream that you knew deep down could come true? That's the big move that Perry Williams made five years ago.

Perry was an Eastern School Board music/band and computer teacher for 10 years when he walked into the office and gave his resignation. He had decided while dining at Cedar's, peering at a computer magazine, that he was going to open a recording studio. Perry knew that virtually all the audio recording being done in PEI could be handled by only one or two studios. That is why he was going to open a total production multi-media facility that would be flexible enough to produce up-to-date product utilizing the latest technology.

Over the next few months Perry put his Masters in Music/Midi to work, researched and ordered his new gear. He moved to St. Catherine's road where he built his house and, not long after, his 1000 square foot studio building. Nestled quaintly in the woods, this two story building houses all the technology that helps Perry accomplish what he set out to do. Perry is product-oriented and feels that his end product stands up to today's ever-changing commercial standards whether the product be radio jingles, television commercials or interactive CDR promotional packages. He is planning to work on a television series with Doug Millington called The Practising Musician. It will be an educational format that they are also planning to netcast on the internet.

Perry is constantly updating his gear to stay on the competitive edge. He will soon be completing his video editing suite where he will have the capacity to digitally edit and master projects of almost any size. Combined with all of his other services, this makes Perry's studio a place where anything is possible. So if you are planning a big move of your own, Perry knows big moves.

Technical Stuff
Format: Direct to disc / Digidisign 882 (8 tracks simultaneous)
Board: Yamaha Pro Mix 01 / Mackie 1402 (pre-amp and sub-mix)
Monitors: JBL 4206
Amps: Bryston 2B
Processing: SPX 900
Microphones: AKG C3000, Audix, Sure
Software: Logic Audio by EMAGIC
Video: Sony Betacam SP (broadcast quality) / JVC SVHS
Dimensions: Sound Room 19' by 12' by 11' high

Non-Technical Stuff
No Smoking
20 minutes to Charlottetown
Beautiful surroundings on a wooded country road
There is soon to be a Washroom and Coffee Bar
Language: English
Rates: Rates are by project. (ie. CD recording including pre and post production apx. $2500)
Interactive CD programming begins at $1000

Full media (CD, Interactive CD, Video)
Pre and Post production (recording and mastering)
Jingle writing and production
Engineering and Production

Jeffrey Twins-Scotland to Ireland (fiddles); Allan Keoughan-Rural PEI (folk/country); Rik Barron-Make Hay While The Sun Shines (children's )(ECMA2000 Winner); Jive Kings-Spoon For A Knife (swing band) (ECMA2000 Winner)

Post Production for the following:
Jericho Road (bluegrass) (ECMA 2000 nominee); Este Mundo (instrumental) (ECMA 1999 Winner); Jamie MacKay and the Great Beyond (gospel/rock) (ECMA 2000 nominee)

T.V. and Radio Clients
Island Home Hardware, Sobers' Music, Island Radio, Vogue Optical

Interactive CDR Clients
Nils Ling, Drill Queens, Government of PEI

In last month's profile of Baobab Studios in Mont-Carmel we mistakenly omitted the following information. Apologies-editor.

Baobab Specs

Technical Stuff
Format: Digital 24 Track Direct to Hard Disc; Event Electronic's Layla by Echo
Board: 24 Channel Behringer MX 9000
Monitors: JBL 4311 Control
Amplification: Marantz
Processing: All digitally processed on computer by software; Selection of rack processors for monitoring
Microphones: Beyer, AKG, Sure (adequate selection)(more to come)
Rates: $30.00 per hour (Engineer and studio)
Dimensions: Main room=16'x19' 16' ceiling

Acadian Compilation (Anastasia DesRoches, Gary Gallant, Jacques Arsenault, Angi Arsenault, Angel Hache-Rix, Jeanita Bernard, Melorythme, Jacinta Henry); Angele Arsenault; CIFTA French Oral Computer Program Audio; Shovelhead

Non-Technical Stuff
Washroom (with shower)
Cottage Accommodations at special rates available nearby
Smoking Permitted (smoke free available) 
Languages: French/English

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