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Like No Business I Know

by Sean McQuaid

Folks say Prince Edward Island's number one product is potatoes, but sometimes I'm not so sure. Maybe it's more of a meat-and-potatoes mix, since the province is awash in hams-of the incurable thespian variety, that is. Theatrically inclined people seem about as common here as our red clay, and their yield is every bit as rich. So as we ring the curtain down on the old millennium,

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`Tis the season to catch up on your gardening reading and dreaming

Gardening Delights
by Nancy Oakes

With the unseasonably warm temperatures, I've been taking the occasional tour of the garden. I've tried to stay clear of the fear and paranoia that seems to be running rampant the closer we get to 2000. But just to be on the safe side, I listened as I strolled for any indication that the giant Y2K

Turn of the Wheel

by Jane Ledwell

When my siblings and I were just kids, one thing we always looked forward to was watching the odometer on my parents' car shift from, say, 199,999 to 200,000. We sometimes would make a special trip when that magic, uneven shift of gears was about to mark car's next milestone. We'd all lean our little heads into the front seat for a good five miles, watching the zeroes roll into

The Amazing Kreskin

The world's most famous mentalist communicates with The Buzz

by Treva McNally

Who is Kreskin? If you live in a small Canadian city and don't watch talk shows, you might be forgiven for thinking that Kreskin used to be a minor celebrity who had a TV show that ran in the 70s. You might be surprised to learn that he made 340 stage and television appearances last year, he appears regularly on David

Millennial Hoopla

The owner of Charlottetown's City Cinema shares his insights

by Derek Martin

While I'm more than happy to have made it to the odometer rollover that is New Year's 2000, I think I share the feeling of a lot of people that it is not as significant as media and advertisers would have us believe. History as taught in high school would be a lot easier if important events stuck to round numbered years,

Poetry is Discovery

Poetry is Discovery

by Lee Ellen Pottie

Reports of a new book of poetry being published never make the headlines of the six o'clock news, and hardly ever make a wave outside the small literary circle of poet aficionado/as. But I swear this time is different: Signal Poetry Editions of Vèhicule Press in Montrèal is publishing Wind and Root by Prince Edward Island poet, Brent MacLaine-his first book.

In our

Modern Gaelic Diva

Modern Gaelic Diva
Cape Breton singer Mary Jane Lamond performed at Myron's in Charlottetown this Fall to introduce her new album `Lan Duil'

by Colleen Belanger

Wednesday, November 10th, the crowd at Myron's Rhythm and Blues Cafe was treated to a wonderfully intimate concert. Mary Jane Lamond, "Cape Breton's Gaelic Diva," was on the Island promoting her third release Lan Duil. Opening for Mary Jane was fellow Cape

It's a Body Thing, OK?

It's a Body Thing, OK?
Dance, music and dialogue make points about how we relate to our bodies

by Julia Sauvé

(Stuck up) Stacey: Didn't you know, that when the clock strikes midnight on December 31, we'll finally be in the age of Aquarius. Ya know, peace will guide the planets, love will steer the stars, and all that jazz.
Jacque (le Jock): What the?
(Stuck up) Stacey: Oh, that's some song from the 70s.
Billy (the

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