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Annual Memorial Bricklaying Ceremony

The International Children's Memorial Place, located at 2115 Scales Pond Road (Rte 109) in South Fre [ ... ]

Walking the Labyrinth

Walk, pray, meditate, or reflect using the labyrinth at Spring Park United Church from July 23–27. [ ... ]

Marketing and Communication firm

Four female communication and marketing professionals launched VOLUME 18 today on Prince Edward Island. VOLUME 18 founders Rachel Peters, Heather MacAulay, Christina MacLeod and Alicia Arsenault created the firm to provide a flawless, integrated experience to support clients and ensure their stories are heard.

“The four of us bring our marketing, photography, project management, and strategic planning together to work with companies and individuals on a comprehensive range of services,” commented Heather MacAulay, Chief Movement Officer.

“Communication has changed. There is a need to help tell authentic stories through words, pictures, and through the people involved in companies and organizations,” stated Christina MacLeod, Chief Taskmaster of VOLUME 18.

VOLUME 18 is based in Charlottetown, PEI and planning to work with companies and organizations across North America. VOLUME 18 will work with companies and organizations to create thoughtful, genuine stories from branding and web design to meeting facilitation and team building.

“Storytelling is what we do as East Coasters; it’s in our genetics. We have a way of speaking that resonates with people and that can be helpful for brands and causes anywhere,” commented Rachel Peters, Chief Creative Dreamer.

“The heart of any company and organization is in its people; we are going to offer branding and marketing as well as team building and skill development- this is a holistic approach to help the people within the company understand and align with the brand itself,” remarked Alicia Arsenault, Chief People Person of VOLUME 18. “And we want people to have a lot of fun while we’re at it.”

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