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What can you do when someone close to you drinks too much? Al-Anon Family groups provide hope and he [ ... ]

Stretching the season

The Canadian Safe Boating Council would like boaters to enjoy all that fall boating has to offer but [ ... ]

Totally local

Submitted by Ann Thurlow

Finding a wide variety of locally grown or produced foods has never been easier than it is right now on PEI. Of course, at one point, all anyone could get was local food. But variety? Not so much.

Some credit the Food Network. Others the influx of new residents to PEI or clever and dedicated business people. Whatever the reason, we are looking for new kinds of food and

Snappy and green

One Great Bite
by Ann Thurlow

My summer-loving heart is an unguarded fortress these days. I long for nothing more than food that is snappy and green and anything fresh will do. In August, I might dismiss a cucumber as an unnecessary adornment. But now it is the very quintessence of all I long for. I’m not just settling for its bright flavour—I crave it. Remember when the idea of a local hothouse

How I learned to cook: Craig Dauphinee

Submitted by Ann Thurlow

Ann asks Craig Dauphinee—Hotel General Manager, Princess Cruises, formerly instructor at The Culinary Institute, chef at Sim’s for his cooking story.

“I learned to love cooking from my grandmother, Edith. She worked as a pastry chef at an inn just outside Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. She was famous all over the county for her pies.

One summer she wanted to take a vacation but

Food Xcel winner

Food Xcel winner

Startup Zone has announced that Startup Zone resident Ryan Abdallah was selected as the winner of the Food Xcel Accelerator program recently. Ryan’s product, Maroun’s Garlic Paste, is a condiment from the menu of Ryan’s Charlottetown restaurant, Cedar’s Eatery. Maroun’s Garlic Paste can be used as a spread, cooking sauce, or dip.

The program kicked off in November with 39 food-based companies.

The “go to”

Buzz foodies tell this writer where to go

by Andrew Sprague

I didn’t even like it at first.” Ryan Abdallah was about fourteen years old when he had his first bite of his father’s newly created chicken shawarma. He was the only one, family, staff and all, who didn’t like it.

“It was the warm pickles. Who eats warm pickles? I didn’t like it and I told dad as much.”

It was 1996. Maroun

Island food entrepreneurs compete for $30,000

Island food entrepreneurs have been selected in the Food Xcel program to compete for a $30,000 grand prize. The Food Xcel Program began in November 2016 with 39 entrepreneurs learning how to move their food ideas forward. Food Island Partnership has selected seven entrepreneurs for the final competition day being held at the Startup Zone on February 22.

The food entrepreneurs selected are Marc


Sarah Forrester Wendt cooks fresh, local and balanced

by Ann Thurlow

When Sarah Forrester Wendt was a kid, she began cooking to get out of diaper duty. She was the oldest in a big family; everyone was expected to pitch in. It would be fun, and somewhat romantic, to say she fell in love with cooking right there. But it wouldn’t be true. She wanted to be a fashion designer.

Nonetheless, events

4Good Tea

Submitted by Ann Thurlow

A sweet little spot has taken over the corner of an old building at Grafton and Pownal. 4Good Tea opened in July and sells, as you might guess, all manner of tea. It’s not a sit down tea shop but you can order a tea to go from the many canisters that line the wall or take some to brew at home. There’s all manner of green, white and black teas, yerba matte, herbal tea,

The new Noodle House

Review by Ann Thurlow

Under ordinary circumstances, a Chinese restaurant moving seven blocks would not be big news. But this is Charlottetown and The Noodle House is a beloved spot. It has been ensconced for several years in kind of a ramshackle lot behind the Dairy Queen. So when owner Fiona Zeng found a renovated location available right downtown, she jumped. And she decided while she was at it,

Chips and soap

One Great Bite
by Ann Thurlow

They sat in the window at a laundromat. On the table in front of them, napkins and that red and white paper that meant they were eating burgers. Outside, a nasty wind whipped down the street. Inside though, the air was warm from the dryers and fragrant with the smell of chips and soap.

Do I know any of this? No. In truth, I am watching them through the window,

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