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Blood donors needed

Canadian Blood Services has announced that more than 22,000 donors are urgently needed across Canada [ ... ]

Charlottetown Recruiting Volunteer Firef...

The City of Charlottetown’s Fire Department is launching its volunteer firefighter recruitment cam [ ... ]

The Best of Chef at Home

The Best of Chef at Home
Chef Michael Smith

Food Network star Chef Michael Smith brings us back to the basics with his new book, The Best of Chef at Home (Whitecap Books). With a collection of the everyday foods he and his family crave, this guide provides all the essential recipes you need for today’s kitchen—from weekday classics like macaroni and cheese, to dinner party favourites like short ribs braised in red wine.


Brave New World

I’m Dining Out Here
by Andrew Sprague

For a good part of this summer you couldn’t get anything but Gahan House draught beer on Victoria Row. And, for the better part of the last decade, you really couldn’t find a dedicated dance club in downtown Charlottetown.

Overcoming both challenges at the same time would require quite a bit of money and a whole lot of imagination. But it’s been done. You can



In Her Own Write
by Ann Thurlow

When I moved to PEI in 1979, everyone ate local. Really, you had to or you’d starve. The grocery stores offered carrots, cabbage, turnips, potatoes and onions. Fish came from the local fish plant, meat from the farm. Seasonal shellfish was the big treat Strawberries came from the field in June and not from Mexico in January.

But then, something changed.

Maybe it was

Chef Abroad Season Two

Since earning a huge following in Canada with three original television series, The Inn Chef, Chef at Large, and Chef at Home, Michael Smith has been poised to take on the world. Cellar Door Productions and Ocean Entertainment have now combined their expertise in lifestyle and documentary television production to create Chef Abroad. The show, financed through the Canadian Television Fund’s

Seek and Ye Shall Find

I’m Dining Out Here
by Andrew Sprague

I’ve discovered a new beach. I thought I’d seen them all by now, but not this one. This one’s special. It’s got red cliffs and white sand dunes, hoodoos and small caves. I’d heard about it for years and I was always told it might be the most beautiful beach on Prince Edward Island. I highly recommend a trip to Thunder Cove beach this summer. But you’ll have to

Canadian Chef of the Year

Chef Hans Anderegg, a chef instructor at Holland College’s Culinary Institute of Canada, was named Canadian Chef of the Year by the National Conference of the Canadian Culinary Federation at the federation’s annual conference in Kelowna, BC recently. The award comes on the heels of the title of Atlantic Chef of the Year, which Chef Hans garnered a couple of months ago. It is the first time that a

The Art of Flex NYC

The Art of Flex NYC
Paintings and photograpy from PEI decorate Island-inspired restaurant

When restaurant entrepreneurs Bobby and Laura Shapiro opened a new restaurant in New York they imported more than Island seafood products to the establishment. The restaurant, Flex, is a spinoff of Flex Mussels in Charlottetown which, as its name would incicate, has a menu which gives prominence to mussels, in particular the

Chefs Back Home

Chefs Back Home

I’m Dining Out Here
by Andrew Sprague

Prince Edward Island is the best place in the world to come home to, and thousands do it every summer.

For two Island chefs, this summer marks a return to the flavours upon which they honed their craft. For one, the Island will provide a place to raise a family, and to re-explore the flavours he’s raved about for the last decade in other places. For the other

Culinary Boot Camps

The Culinary Institute of Canada is offering a series of Culinary Boot Camps. The boot camps provide customized experiences that allow participants to enjoy the Island’s cultural culinary heritage. Working alongside experienced chefs in the culinary institute’s state-of-the-art kitchens, the culinary “recruits” will learn the intricacies of culinary creations as well as essential kitchen

Food & Wine Awards

The Prince Edward Island Restaurant Association has announced the Consumer’s Choice Best of Show Awards for the 1st Annual Savour Food & Wine Show held at the Confederation Centre of the Arts on May 28. The following winners were voted on by Savour consumers through a balloting process in each of the designated categories:

Best Hot Food: Shaw’s Hotel—Serving Ravioli of Escargots tossed in a

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Summer 1993

September 21–26
City Cinema PG, some language, mature content
Dir: Carla Simón, Spain, 98 min. Lai [ ... ]

Cool Moon

Cross-cultural Arts Festival September–November
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Hip Hop at Holland College

Snak the Ripper and others at Florence Simmons September 22
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Drawing the line

Profile: Sandy Carruthers by Jane Ledwell Retired for a year now after twenty-five years teaching  [ ... ]

Free transportation at Cloggeroo

The provincial government will sponsor free transportation at this year’s Cloggeroo festival to he [ ... ]

Charlottetown’s Historic Squares exhibit...

The City of Charlottetown Planning and Heritage Department has created an exhibit exploring the hist [ ... ]