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Third Thursdays

Third Thursdays is an opportunity to network with members of creative industries, meet Innovation PE [ ... ]

Men of the Harvest position

Men of the Harvest, a male Gospel choir, is seeking a pianist-musical director beginning in Jan [ ... ]

Ten Pounds of Tasty

I’m Dining Out Here

by Andrew Sprague

Sometimes I can’t control my cravings. I ran into a fine example of this powerlessness not too long ago. After work on Friday I made my way over to Assumption Parish for their annual St. Patrick’s Day play. It was a great time, and as a bonus I got to see a friend who was home from Fredericton to see his mother perform. After the obligatory handshakes and

Consistent Winner

I’m Dining Out Here

by Andrew Sprague

I remember the day I met Peter Hyndman, the owner of The Merchantman Pub in Charlottetown. He had recently acquired a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Blended Scotch Whiskey and I had recently acquired a seat at the bar in his pub.

The bottle wasn’t open yet so I asked if I could have a look. After a quick glance-over I handed the bottle back and asked how

Breakfast Salvation

I’m Dining Out Here

by Andrew Sprague

It’s very fitting that hungover and hungry start with the same four letters. For many people the two go hand in hand. That’s not to say every time someone’s hungry they’re hungover. But the opposite can be true. Where there’s a headache, dehydration, general malaise and slightly faded memories of last night, there is often hunger. Not your typical hunger

Slugging It Out West

I’m Dining Out Here

by Andrew Sprague

It takes a long time to get to Tyne Valley from Charlottetown at three pm on a Saturday afternoon. Especially when your Aunt’s cousins are celebrating their 25th anniversary, and the party hasn’t stopped since Friday night. I find my father at the farmhouse of Joe and Marion Gillis in Bayside, a scant ten minutes from our destination. I never knew oysters

A Tasty Beginning

I'm Dining Out Here

by Andrew Sprague

Friday, November 14 my friend and I go to Off Broadway, where we are quickly greeted by the host. He shows us to our table, in Debbie's section, away from the kitchen. Richard MacEachern, makes his way past to fill our water and say hello. Great guy, great server as well. Then along comes Debbie. She greets us with a big smile. She looks radiant. I don't even


PEI Symphony Orchestra

Review by Anne Bergstrom

The opening concert of the PEI Symphony season brought out the George Gershwin fans to hear Island pianist Frances Gray playing Gershwin’s Concerto in F. The piece was enthusiastically received. The opening of the first movement Allegro seemed a little subdued, and the whole movement under tempo. I was trying to imagine myself in Carnegie Hall for

Baiting the Storyline

Fish or Cut Bait

Review by Patrick Ledwell

From the moment I stepped into the Victoria Playhouse to see Fish or Cut Bait, it was clear that a cultural motif was at work. Behind a frothy plywood sea swell, the set (another richly imagined staging from W. Scott MacConnell) featured a single, standard-issue palm tree that located me immediately on thematic ground.

Some of my favorite variations on



Review by Linda Wigmore

Enemies, a theatrical improv soap opera, at the Arts Guild, ran over three consecutive Mondays in August. Co-created and co-produced by Laurie Murphy and Jason Rogerson, Enemies had its first three-week run last year. Sean McQuaid directed both summers. I didn’t see Enemies last year, but there was so much buzz around the performance of Graham Putnam in the first

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Come Home to Us

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The Boarding House

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Murray River Community Hall The Murray Players will perform the [ ... ]

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