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Talking Bands

by Evan James Ceretti

Logan Richard (photo: Evan James Ceretti)Logan Richard’s music career started at age 12, when he was rippin’ it up as lead guitarist in the band Ripped Paper. From there, he’s played in a folk rock band, as well as being a synth player in the band Generator. Today, Logan is establishing himself as one of the Island’s best up-and-coming blues-meets-pop guitar players.

Logan connected with blues music from a young age. “Growing up, my dad was really big into the blues, so that’s where I started getting into it,” he said, noting major influences such as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Colin James. “When I was around 8, my older brother started playing guitar, and I kind of wanted to be like him so he taught me a few things.”

He ventured into his solo career just over a year ago. “I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time. That was always my goal—to go solo. I didn’t want to jump into it and not be ready.”

On stage, he’s often joined by friends Sam and Josh Langille, creating a blues trio. Logan prefers to have a bigger band for larger gigs, and only to play solo in more intimate settings. “I don’t often perform by myself, just because it’s too stressful. There’s more you can do with a band.”

He defines the genre of his music as blues-meets-pop, which you can clearly hear on his first EP, The Split. “There’s lots of catchy hooks, lots of sing-along opportunities, but there’s also going to be the jam part of things where I solo for 5 minutes or the band just jams out. With the stuff I’m writing now, I don’t really have a genre I set our to write, it’s whatever feels goods.”

The Split is about two people Logan loves and knows very well, who went through a breakup. “It’s weird, I don’t ever sit down and say ‘I want to write a song about this,’ but usually the songs are about love or relationships.” He said it’s sometimes a struggle to write great content when every day is a walk in the park. “I find I get the best songs when times are tough, or when I’m over the moon and super excited.”

One of Logan’s main goals is to continue making music every day and to be able to share his work with listeners. “Nothing feels better than knowing your song is helping somebody and somebody is connecting with it. It’s a tough feeling to match. It’s pretty incredible.”

“I think that PEI is part of the reason I’m able to be a musician and make a career out of it currently, because the music community is so supportive. It’s not like a dog-eat-dog community, everyone is supportive of each other.” Logan is heading to the ECMAs in Halifax in May. Listen to his newest single, Halfway To Go, on Spotify.

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