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Lennie Gallant

Lennie Gallant—Time TravelTime Travel, the long awaited album by celebrated Canadian songwriter, Lennie Gallant, takes us on a trip that delves into journeys of the heart, our time on the planet, place in the universe, ancient legends, road stories and an oddly confused ghost. Gallant’s rich vocals are brought to the fore on this recording and the often full orchestral arrangements provide the ideal setting for them to shine.

Songs include “Nothing Makes Sense,” a tongue in cheek view of our present state of global affairs, “Sequoia,” a heartfelt ode to a tall elder of our fragile ecosystem, “We Want Contact,” our search for others like us out there, and “There’s a Storm Coming,” an oft quoted timely phrase. It seems many of the songs on the album were ripped from the day’s headlines while taking a lyrical sideways glance at where we are headed spiritually and emotionally in our quest to cope in rather dubious times.

Gallant says he was amazed at all the coincidences that seems to accompany the making of this record. As songs were being recorded, the subject matter would appear in a newsfeed or online post the same day. The first single “Selkie,” for example, is a love song that takes place on a blood moon and refers to an ancient Celtic myth. By chance the decided date for the song’s release was coinciding with the longest blood moon to occur in this century.

While speaking of the want for strings on the same song and how the Vancouver band The Fretless would be perfect for it, he discovered they were actually touring the East Coast that week and had a day off where they could drop by and provide exactly the sound needed. These were just a couple of many serendipitous moments during the recording session that at times seemed beautifully strange.

The new album was produced by Daniel Ledwell (Jenn Grant/ David Myles) and in addition to the stellar players in Gallant’s own band, features Rose Cousins, Mary Jane Lamond, Jenn Grant, The Fretless, and the Atlantic String Machine. Chris Corrigans is guest guitar player on several songs and Lennie says, “Chris was once my right hand man for many tours and albums so it was good to have him on board again.”

This is Gallant’s first studio album in 9 years. Not that he hasn’t been active though, as his last two live albums both won national awards and several East Coast Music Awards including Folk Album and 2017 ECMA Entertainer of the Year. Gallant says, “While I’m proud of the live recordings we made over the last few years, there is really nothing to compare with being in a studio session with great musicians and producer and bringing 13 brand new songs to life! There were many magical and welcome moments in the process that I think created a very fresh and unique album. I’m really happy with the way these songs turned out!” The album is available on iTunes and in selected stores. 

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