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Ballades—un projet père et fille, volume 1

Adrienne Gallant

Adrienne Gallant—Ballades—un projet père et fille, volume 1The launch of the CD Ballades, un projet père et fille, volume 1, on which Adrienne Gallant sings the songs of her father, Paul Daniel Gallant, author of Les Gars de Mont-Carmel, will take place October 27 in Chéticamp, NS and on October 28 in Summerside, PEI.

The idea for this project was born after the performance of Adrienne Gallant during the closing show of the Agricultural Exhibition and the Évangéline Acadian Festival in Abram-Village in 2017. Following the reaction of the audience in the theater and on the social media to Adrienne’s interpretation of a song of her father “Je te reviens,” it was decided to proceed with a first project under the theme of ballads written by Paul Daniel Gallant over a period of more than 40 years. During the past year, Adrienne and Paul spent many hours researching, tweaking and recording a dozen of the most beautiful ballads that they both love.

Nostalgia will be honored on the recording and during the shows with songs that will recall memories of groups such as, Gameck, Brador, Panou, La Cuisine à Mémé, Le Théâtre des Moineaux, Le grand cercle, etc. “I’ve been producing and writing songs for over thirty albums, and lately there was pressure for me to record my own album,” says Paul Gallant. “On the other hand, when I heard Adrienne sing my songs at the festival, I said to myself that it is Adrienne who will record this album…with my help of course.”

The introductory performances will include several special guests such as Colin Grant and Wayne Robichaud. The show in Chéticamp will take place on October 27 at 7:30 pm and on October 28 at the Summerside Festival de la citrouille at the Belle-Alliance Center at 7:30 pm.

“We are thrilled to host this launch at the Belle-Alliance Center during the Summerside Festival de la citrouille. This show will be the closing event of this annual festival, which will take place from October 19 to 28 in the Greater Summerside region,” says Christian Gallant, Program Manager for the 2018 Festival.

Tickets for each show will be on sale from October 1. To obtain tickets for the show on October 27 in Chéticamp call the Arts Council of Chéticamp at 902-224-1876 or at the Society Saint Pierre at 902-224-2642. For the October 28 show in Summerside, tickets are available either by visiting the Belle-Alliance Center reception (5, ave Maris Stella) or by calling 902-888-1681.

World of Opportunity

Graeme Zinck

Graeme Zinck—World of OpportunitySinger-songwriter Graeme Zinck has released his debut original album World of Opportunity on music stores and streaming platforms.

World of Opportunity explores the nature of friendships and romance, following one relationship from its magical beginning to its heartbreaking end. Graeme’s experience in Charlottetown’s musical theatre scene is evident throughout: each song is a distinct emotional journey with unconventional accompaniments and a strong story.

One song, “Nothing’s Ever Fair,” deviates from this theme. It delves into how chronic illnesses affect people and how one must push through rough days to experience the good ones.

The self-produced album features eight original songs recorded this past summer at Mount Allison University, where Graeme studies computer science. Check out the album on Spotify, or find Graeme’s contact information at


Andrew Waite

Andrew Waite—TremorsIn early 2017, Andrew Waite decided to craft a new record. The album feels like it has been a long time coming, though the award-winning Burning Through the Night was only released two years prior. With Jon Matthews (The Sound Mill) on board to engineer and Bruce Rooney (Coyote, Adyn Townes) co-producing, the FACTOR-funded project began tracking that spring and is now, over a year later, is ready to launch.

By far the most progressive work Waite has released to date, the collection of songs dances across genres flirting with folk, rock, and pop. The album was brought to off-Island studios for some initial mixing, but was ultimately brought back home to be mixed by Jon Matthews. “Holding nothing back, Matthews certainly pushed limits sonically to forge not only well-produced individual songs, but a well-crafted album as a whole entity,” says Waite. This album will definitely be one to check out on vinyl. Accustomed to wearing many hats, Matthews co-produced the record alongside Waite and Rooney. The album was mastered by J. LaPointe at Archive Mastering (NS).

Tremors features an all-star cast of Island musicians with Evan McCosham (bass), George Maros (drums), Sean Ferris (organ, keys), Bruce Rooney (guitar, vocals) and Nikki Waite (sax, vocals). Guest appearances on a number of tracks include Rosanna Burrill (Hillsburn), Cynthia MacLeod and Leith Flemming-Smith (Matt Mays). From the fierce rock single Out & Out, to the thoughtful veteran tribute Cash It In, to the pop-heavy Faith, this album delivers a diverse sonic collection, offering something to a vast demographic of listeners.

The album launch show will take place at The Mack in Charlottetown on November 2 and will include a variety of numbers from full band arrangements, to striped down songwriting numbers, with a few special guests performing inbetween. Tickets are available now at

Andrew Waite is a songwriter and frontman for PEI roots-rock band Andrew Waite & The Firm, who released their debut album Burning through the Night in September 2015. Waite’s songwriting is described as honest, rugged and evocative.

Time Travel

Lennie Gallant

Lennie Gallant—Time TravelTime Travel, the long awaited album by celebrated Canadian songwriter, Lennie Gallant, takes us on a trip that delves into journeys of the heart, our time on the planet, place in the universe, ancient legends, road stories and an oddly confused ghost. Gallant’s rich vocals are brought to the fore on this recording and the often full orchestral arrangements provide the ideal setting for them to shine.

Songs include “Nothing Makes Sense,” a tongue in cheek view of our present state of global affairs, “Sequoia,” a heartfelt ode to a tall elder of our fragile ecosystem, “We Want Contact,” our search for others like us out there, and “There’s a Storm Coming,” an oft quoted timely phrase. It seems many of the songs on the album were ripped from the day’s headlines while taking a lyrical sideways glance at where we are headed spiritually and emotionally in our quest to cope in rather dubious times.

Gallant says he was amazed at all the coincidences that seems to accompany the making of this record. As songs were being recorded, the subject matter would appear in a newsfeed or online post the same day. The first single “Selkie,” for example, is a love song that takes place on a blood moon and refers to an ancient Celtic myth. By chance the decided date for the song’s release was coinciding with the longest blood moon to occur in this century.

While speaking of the want for strings on the same song and how the Vancouver band The Fretless would be perfect for it, he discovered they were actually touring the East Coast that week and had a day off where they could drop by and provide exactly the sound needed. These were just a couple of many serendipitous moments during the recording session that at times seemed beautifully strange.

The new album was produced by Daniel Ledwell (Jenn Grant/ David Myles) and in addition to the stellar players in Gallant’s own band, features Rose Cousins, Mary Jane Lamond, Jenn Grant, The Fretless, and the Atlantic String Machine. Chris Corrigans is guest guitar player on several songs and Lennie says, “Chris was once my right hand man for many tours and albums so it was good to have him on board again.”

This is Gallant’s first studio album in 9 years. Not that he hasn’t been active though, as his last two live albums both won national awards and several East Coast Music Awards including Folk Album and 2017 ECMA Entertainer of the Year. Gallant says, “While I’m proud of the live recordings we made over the last few years, there is really nothing to compare with being in a studio session with great musicians and producer and bringing 13 brand new songs to life! There were many magical and welcome moments in the process that I think created a very fresh and unique album. I’m really happy with the way these songs turned out!” The album is available on iTunes and in selected stores. 

Long John June

Todd MacLean

Todd MacLean—Long John JuneTodd MacLean is known for his musical accompanist and songwriting work with local solo musicians and PEI-based bands—particularly with Amanda Jackson Band lately—but now he has, for the first time, brought a new recording to life that is all his own.

The 12-track CD features lead vocal work by MacLean, in songs that range in styles from ukulele folk/pop, to instrumental Celtic and blues, to spiritual, to even some comedic numbers as well.

As the CD was recorded with his father-in-law Gordon Belsher at Guernsey Cove Parlour Productions, mostly during the very chilly month of June, 2018, MacLean aptly and cheekily titled the CD Long John June.

MacLean will be hosting a CD launch party with special guests at The Pourhouse above The Old Triangle on October 5 at 7:30 pm, with doors opening at 6:30 pm. Tickets can be purchased only at the door. Cost includes a copy of the CD. Families are welcome (with minors accompanied by an adult) and there is a families/couples rate for each additional ticket in the group.

You can also find Long John June at local stores such as Back Alley Music.


Aron Scott Earthquake

Rager—Aron Scott EarthquakeAron Scott Earthquake have announced the full release of their second album entitled Rager, available both on CD and all streaming platforms.

Rager is a call to arms for rock n roll. It’s about bringing back the spirit of big rock and having fun. Forget your troubles, forget the Trumps, forget the news and the pollution and that jerk at work and your bank account and the traffic and the weather and whatever and just let loose. Rock out and have fun! Right now! To us that’s what rock n roll should be. It seems to be missing in a lot of music now. We want to bring it back.”—Aron Scott

The album features nine original song and two cover songs. The cover songs are Van Halen’s “On Fire” from their first album and also Motorhead’s “Motorhead” that was written by Lemmy Kilmister while he was a member of Hawkwind.

Rager was recorded during the winter of 2018 at Big Dogz Studios in Summerside, PEI. Mixed by Danny MacNevin.

You can find the video for the album’s first single, “Tonight,” at Find the album on Spotify. For bookings email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This album was dedicated to Lemmy of Motörhead.


Richard Wood

Unbroken—Richard Wood“Wood has compiled a solid body of work over the course of his career, but Unbroken tops everything that came before. Yes, it’s really that good.”—Doug Gallant, Charlottetown Guardian

Prince Edward Island fiddler Richard Wood’s long awaited new CD Unbroken is a diverse collection of traditional Celtic fiddling along with original compositions that stretch the envelope of that genre. “For my eighth record, I wanted to do something unique, something a little more creative, adventurous, something a little different.” The roller coaster ride takes you from the expected traditional Scottish, Irish and Galician strains—to heartfelt personal tributes, an ode to endangered species, big band funk, a dreamy fantasy, and a full-on gospel sing along.

The recording was co-produced by Richard along with his long time compatriot Gordon Belsher at Gordon’s studio in Guernsey Cove. It was mastered by the legendary Bob Ludwig in Portland, Maine, with photography by Lorne Miller, and artwork by Raymond Arsenault at TechnoMedia. It features contributions from musicians Brad Fremlin, Remi Arsenault, Mike Cowie, Todd MacLean, Skip Holmes, Natalie Williams Calhoun, and Caleb Acorn. The epic concluding number has 16 Prince Edward Island vocalists—Eddy Quinn, Joey Kitson, Kendall Docherty, Teresa Doyle, Kelley Mooney, and several more.

An official launch concert will take place on October 6 at Trinity United Church in Charlottetown. CD’s can be purchased online now at

Ava & Lily

Ava and Lily Rashed

Ava & Lily—Ava and Lily RashedAva & Lily Rashed are 14-yr-old twins from Charlottetown who are set to take up the torch in a long-time family music tradition. Their grandfather was Country Hall of Famer Charlie Chamberlain, and their father, David Rashed, is keyboardist for platinum-selling hometown legends Haywire.

The sisters are already singer-songwriters of note with their song “Worth It” having sparked the anti-cyber bullying initiative, a program of the Stop Cyber Bullying Global campaign. As multi-instrumentalists, the talented pair have it covered. Ava plays guitar and piano and Lily plays the fiddle, guitar and piano. Their first live performance was at the age of 9 at the Confederation Center for a Stop Cyber bullying youth summit. Since then they have played numerous benefits, graced the stage at many Island venues, and this year performed at the Cavendish Music Festival.

Ava & Lily’s first single, “OK With That,” was released in 2017, accompanied by a video. The release was followed by enthusiastic local media support. Just released, their debut self-titled album, Ava & Lily, features all songs written, co-produced and performed by the two sisters.

Assisting them are David Rashed (bass, electric and acoustic guitars, programming, keyboards), Sean Kilbride (drums) and Aaron Crane (fiddle). The project was recorded by David Rashed in his Charlottetown studio, Studio at The Guild. Artwork is by Kenny Vail, photography is by Louise Vessey and Social Media Assistant and Stylist is Hanna Rashed.

You can follow Ava & Lily on FB at AvaAndLilyRashed, Instagram at AvaAndLilyOfficial, and on YouTube at Ava and Lily. CDs are available in Charlottetown at Back Alley Music and Confederation Centre gift shop and online at Itunes, Spotify and at live performances.

Dark & Amber Rosin

Courtney Hogan & Keelin Wedge

Dark & Amber Rosin—Courtney Hogan & Keelin WedgeCourtney Hogan & Keelin Wedge are no strangers to the PEI music scene. Having competed together at fiddle competitions throughout their childhood, gaining popularity as solo musicians, and then later both joining the popular PEI band Fiddlers’ Sons, the fiddling duo decided it was time to join their talents together for a collaborative CD titled Dark & Amber Rosin.

The CD title could refer to the shades of a fiddle bow’s rosin. But given the complexion tones, fiddle colours, and playing styles of these two hard working band members, they have taken the phrase to refer to themselves and their musical collaboration.

In true Island kitchen party style, most of the tracks were researched and rehearsed together around the woodstove of Hogan’s century country farmhouse in the dead of the winter. “We were just messing around with some old tunes together one night and the vibe seemed so Island-authentic that almost minutes later we’re working out how we’re going to put this together on a CD. The project was born from a late night jam session,” says Hogan.

The CD contains a selection of the two fiddlers’ favourite traditional and Celtic tunes and also contains some vocal tracks from Wedge who recorded the entire project in her own studio in Wellington. The CD was mastered by Brent Chaisson with cover photography by Nancy Hogan and CD design by Results Marketing.

The CD will be available this month during all of their performances including the Close To The Ground Concert Series and the Emerald Boxcar Ceilidhs.

Ask Her To Dance: A PEI Trad Album

Ward MacDonald

Ask Her To Dance: A PEI Trad Album—Ward MacDonaldIsland fiddler Ward MacDonald has released a new album entitled Ask Her To Dance: A PEI Trad Album.

Many of the fiddle tunes are originals by Ward with additional covers of songs by Jerry Holland, Kevin Chaisson, Nick vanOuwerkerk, Jimmy Banks, Sara Simpson, Brenda Stubbert, Gideon Stove, Donald Riddell, Charles Grant, Fred Morrison, John Morris Rankin along with some traditional tunes.

Engineers working on this project were Chris Gauthier, Colin Grant, Remi Arsenault and Jon Mathews. On the album are Ward MacDonald, fiddles and piano, Remi Arsenault, guitar, Ben Miller, border pipes, Eric Wright, cello, Emmanuelle LeBland, bodhran, Rowen Gallant, tenor banjo, Sara Simpson, smallpipes, and Richard Wood, piano. Musicians who assisted with arrangements are Zakk Cormier, Louis-charles Vigneau and Ian Forgeron. Album cover artwork is by Vincent Crotty. Graphic design is by Keith Mullen.

From the jacket:

“It might have been a dream…It went well into the night and felt like years went by. The fiddles had just started into a set of high bass tunes when Ben dropped in with his border pipes and Remi grabbed the guitar. Emmanuelle came by with her bodhran and Eric swung in on cello for a tune or two. Rowan had the banjo going that night and Sarah shared her beautiful pipe waltz. Richard arrived later on and gave a few great rips at the old piano…”

You can hear Ward MacDonald play fiddle and/or piano at various venues across PEI including Tunes on Tap on Sundays from 3–5 pm at Copper Bottom Brewing in Montague. He also plays and calls for the Here We Go Barn Dances at Barnone Brewery in Rose Valley—the next one is scheduled for July 21.

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