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12 Angry Women

Upcoming play reading and auditions  Play Reading: On November 19 at 6:30 pm there will be a  [ ... ]

ACT Audition Notice

ACT (a community theatre) will stage 12 Angry Women in the round at four Island venues April 26–Ma [ ... ]


Richard Wood

Unbroken—Richard Wood“Wood has compiled a solid body of work over the course of his career, but Unbroken tops everything that came before. Yes, it’s really that good.”—Doug Gallant, Charlottetown Guardian

Prince Edward Island fiddler Richard Wood’s long awaited new CD Unbroken is a diverse collection of traditional Celtic fiddling along with original compositions that stretch the envelope of that genre. “For my eighth record, I wanted to do something unique, something a little more creative, adventurous, something a little different.” The roller coaster ride takes you from the expected traditional Scottish, Irish and Galician strains—to heartfelt personal tributes, an ode to endangered species, big band funk, a dreamy fantasy, and a full-on gospel sing along.

The recording was co-produced by Richard along with his long time compatriot Gordon Belsher at Gordon’s studio in Guernsey Cove. It was mastered by the legendary Bob Ludwig in Portland, Maine, with photography by Lorne Miller, and artwork by Raymond Arsenault at TechnoMedia. It features contributions from musicians Brad Fremlin, Remi Arsenault, Mike Cowie, Todd MacLean, Skip Holmes, Natalie Williams Calhoun, and Caleb Acorn. The epic concluding number has 16 Prince Edward Island vocalists—Eddy Quinn, Joey Kitson, Kendall Docherty, Teresa Doyle, Kelley Mooney, and several more.

An official launch concert will take place on October 6 at Trinity United Church in Charlottetown. CD’s can be purchased online now at

Ava & Lily

Ava and Lily Rashed

Ava & Lily—Ava and Lily RashedAva & Lily Rashed are 14-yr-old twins from Charlottetown who are set to take up the torch in a long-time family music tradition. Their grandfather was Country Hall of Famer Charlie Chamberlain, and their father, David Rashed, is keyboardist for platinum-selling hometown legends Haywire.

The sisters are already singer-songwriters of note with their song “Worth It” having sparked the anti-cyber bullying initiative, a program of the Stop Cyber Bullying Global campaign. As multi-instrumentalists, the talented pair have it covered. Ava plays guitar and piano and Lily plays the fiddle, guitar and piano. Their first live performance was at the age of 9 at the Confederation Center for a Stop Cyber bullying youth summit. Since then they have played numerous benefits, graced the stage at many Island venues, and this year performed at the Cavendish Music Festival.

Ava & Lily’s first single, “OK With That,” was released in 2017, accompanied by a video. The release was followed by enthusiastic local media support. Just released, their debut self-titled album, Ava & Lily, features all songs written, co-produced and performed by the two sisters.

Assisting them are David Rashed (bass, electric and acoustic guitars, programming, keyboards), Sean Kilbride (drums) and Aaron Crane (fiddle). The project was recorded by David Rashed in his Charlottetown studio, Studio at The Guild. Artwork is by Kenny Vail, photography is by Louise Vessey and Social Media Assistant and Stylist is Hanna Rashed.

You can follow Ava & Lily on FB at AvaAndLilyRashed, Instagram at AvaAndLilyOfficial, and on YouTube at Ava and Lily. CDs are available in Charlottetown at Back Alley Music and Confederation Centre gift shop and online at Itunes, Spotify and at live performances.

Dark & Amber Rosin

Courtney Hogan & Keelin Wedge

Dark & Amber Rosin—Courtney Hogan & Keelin WedgeCourtney Hogan & Keelin Wedge are no strangers to the PEI music scene. Having competed together at fiddle competitions throughout their childhood, gaining popularity as solo musicians, and then later both joining the popular PEI band Fiddlers’ Sons, the fiddling duo decided it was time to join their talents together for a collaborative CD titled Dark & Amber Rosin.

The CD title could refer to the shades of a fiddle bow’s rosin. But given the complexion tones, fiddle colours, and playing styles of these two hard working band members, they have taken the phrase to refer to themselves and their musical collaboration.

In true Island kitchen party style, most of the tracks were researched and rehearsed together around the woodstove of Hogan’s century country farmhouse in the dead of the winter. “We were just messing around with some old tunes together one night and the vibe seemed so Island-authentic that almost minutes later we’re working out how we’re going to put this together on a CD. The project was born from a late night jam session,” says Hogan.

The CD contains a selection of the two fiddlers’ favourite traditional and Celtic tunes and also contains some vocal tracks from Wedge who recorded the entire project in her own studio in Wellington. The CD was mastered by Brent Chaisson with cover photography by Nancy Hogan and CD design by Results Marketing.

The CD will be available this month during all of their performances including the Close To The Ground Concert Series and the Emerald Boxcar Ceilidhs.

Ask Her To Dance: A PEI Trad Album

Ward MacDonald

Ask Her To Dance: A PEI Trad Album—Ward MacDonaldIsland fiddler Ward MacDonald has released a new album entitled Ask Her To Dance: A PEI Trad Album.

Many of the fiddle tunes are originals by Ward with additional covers of songs by Jerry Holland, Kevin Chaisson, Nick vanOuwerkerk, Jimmy Banks, Sara Simpson, Brenda Stubbert, Gideon Stove, Donald Riddell, Charles Grant, Fred Morrison, John Morris Rankin along with some traditional tunes.

Engineers working on this project were Chris Gauthier, Colin Grant, Remi Arsenault and Jon Mathews. On the album are Ward MacDonald, fiddles and piano, Remi Arsenault, guitar, Ben Miller, border pipes, Eric Wright, cello, Emmanuelle LeBland, bodhran, Rowen Gallant, tenor banjo, Sara Simpson, smallpipes, and Richard Wood, piano. Musicians who assisted with arrangements are Zakk Cormier, Louis-charles Vigneau and Ian Forgeron. Album cover artwork is by Vincent Crotty. Graphic design is by Keith Mullen.

From the jacket:

“It might have been a dream…It went well into the night and felt like years went by. The fiddles had just started into a set of high bass tunes when Ben dropped in with his border pipes and Remi grabbed the guitar. Emmanuelle came by with her bodhran and Eric swung in on cello for a tune or two. Rowan had the banjo going that night and Sarah shared her beautiful pipe waltz. Richard arrived later on and gave a few great rips at the old piano…”

You can hear Ward MacDonald play fiddle and/or piano at various venues across PEI including Tunes on Tap on Sundays from 3–5 pm at Copper Bottom Brewing in Montague. He also plays and calls for the Here We Go Barn Dances at Barnone Brewery in Rose Valley—the next one is scheduled for July 21.

Rule 62

Whitney Rose

Rule 62—Whitney RoseRule 62, which has its origins in an excerpt from Alcoholics Anonymous’ Tradition Four—“Don’t Take Yourself Too Damn Seriously,” is the title of Whitney Rose’s album of the same name.

Just after releasing South Texas Suite, a tribute to Austin, Texas, Whitney Rose headed to Nashville, where she began recording at BlackBird Studio A with The Mavericks’ Raul Malo and co-producer Niko Bolas.

Musicians on the recording include Raul Malo, Paul Deakin (The Mavericks) on drums, Jay Weaver (Dolly Parton, Tanya Tucker, The Mavericks) on bass; Jen Gunderman (Sheryl Crow) on piano; Chris Scruggs (Marty Stuart) on steel; Aaron Till (Asleep at the Wheel) on the fiddle; and Kenny Vaughn (Marty Stuart, Lucinda Williams) on lead guitar.

“A sultry country classicist with a tremble in her voice, whitney rose is partial to the magisterial gestures of the 1950s and 1960s.”—New York Times

“This texas-based singer’s 21st-century update of classic country’s most cherished ideals—boot-stomping rhythms and take-no-guff lyrics—is rich with sly wisdom, its full-bodied arrangements putting the spotlight on her sweetly tart soprano.”—Rolling Stone

At present PEI’s Whitney Rose is on tour to Norway, Sweden, UK, US and across Canada promoting this latest release. Not sure when we’ll see her next on the Island. Soon we hope.

Not Your Outlaw

Not Your Outlaw—Lawrence MaxwellLawrence Maxwell

Charlottetown, PEI’s Lawrence Maxwell officially enters the conversation on June 29, 2018 with his debut release, Not Your Outlaw. Recorded and mixed at The Hill Sound Studio with Adam Gallant, this hippie-country album combines the vulnerability of raw performance with the strength of high production value. Although rooted in country, rock and folk, Lawrence Maxwell’s lyrics and instrumentals elude labeling.

While stationed at CFB Halifax, Lawrence Maxwell purchased his first acoustic guitar. Upon leaving the navy he moved back home to Prince Edward Island to see if the world would slow down—it didn’t. It was then that Maxwell began to make sense of his experiences, spending many days and nights walking in the woods, tuning into nature’s rhythms, and conceiving songs. 

Not Your Outlaw will debut on June 29 with a release show at Fishbone’s Oyster Bar in Charlottetown. The album features musicians Brandon Hood, Justyn Young, Josh Langille, Sam Langille, Jenni Roberge, Luke Pound, Jon Gallant and Rowen Gallant. 

South Haven

Ben Miller, Anita MacDonald, Zakk Cormier

Ben Miller, Anita MacDonald and Zakk Cormier have released a new album entitled South Haven. The project was recorded and produced by Ben Miller and mixed by Jamie Foulds (Soundpark Studio). All tracks are traditional, arranged by Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald.

Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald are renowned in Atlantic Canada and further afield for their synergistic, pipe and fiddle driven style of Gaelic dance-music. As well as performing as a duo, Ben and Anita tour as a trio with Acadian multi-instrumentalist, Zakk Cormier, a musician with deep roots in the musical community of Prince Edward Island. He brings his talents as a sympathetic guitar accompanist, as well as the driving rhythm of Acadian foot-percussion.

The trio will launch the new recording on June 14 at Vernon River Parish Hall, Vernon River, as part of the Festival of Small Halls.

Half Girl Half Ghost

Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunset

Half Girl Half Ghost—Matt Steele & The Corvette SunsetMatt Steele & The Corvette Sunset are coming to Charlottetown on June 9 to play Back Alley Music and Hunter’s Ale House as part of their Half Girl Half Ghost album release tour.

Matt Steele is a Kentucky boy who wound his way along the North American highways to Halifax, NS. He stopped to live in PEI for a period and played local venues. His band, Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunset ooze nostalgia and power pop. With the new album Matt’s songwriting fuels the engine while his copilots, The Corvette Sunset, put the pedal down.

The album was recorded at Joel Plaskett’s New Scotland Yard studio, with preproduction by In-Flight Safety frontman John Mullane. 

No Angel

Fluffy Little Cowboys

No Angel—Fluffy Little CowboysFluffy Little Cowboys are preparing to release their re-mixed single, Dance With My Skeletons and are hitting the road in June for their spring Girl Power Tour starting with a triple CD release matinee show at the Trailside Café and Inn in Mount Stewart on May 20.

“The name Fluffy Little Cowboys is more than a little tongue in cheek for this alt-Americana female trio from PEI. They aren’t fluffy, they aren’t cowboys and their sound isn’t little. Think country, roots, folk and blues with spoken word and punk rock mixed in”—Jordan Whitehouse,

The PEI-based band comprised of Shelley Montreuil (vocals, guitar, banjo, sax), Maureen Adams (bass, harmonies, percussion), and Keelin Wedge (fiddle, bass, guitar, harmonies), came together in 2016 and have been exploring their particular sonic soundscape ever since.

With Montreuil as the group’s main songwriter, having a strong blues-jazz influence from her years as a sax player, and Wedge’s well-oiled traditional chops paired with Adams’ djembe-inspired sensibilities (Maureen is the former djembe player for the indie Ottawa band The Lighthousekeepers), the trio is building their brand behind an uncompromising, take-no-prisoners approach to music, live performance, and lyrics.

While it wasn’t their conscious intention to form a girl-group, the potential for positive role modeling is not lost on the Fluffy Cowboys. With Montreuil’s history as a social worker, community developer and advocate, it is no surprise that the Fluffy’s lyrical path takes a somewhat political bent. And with her current foray into the world of co-writing and production, Montreuil has developed strong working relationships with women and gender non-binary performers/songwriters across the globe.

The Fluffy Little Cowboys are taking this girl-power attitude with them on tour in June where they will be combining a rigorous performance schedule with pre-arranged co-writing sessions with songwriters of the female and gender non-binary variety.

Trailside’s CD release show will present the Fluffy Little Cowboys’ No Angel which was produced by PEI wunderkind Nathan Wiley and features Doobie Brothers drummer Ed Toth. The show will also present Keelin Wedge’s newest album, The Traditional Files and Ontario’s Ali McCormick’s soon-to-be released album.

The Fluffy Little Cowboy’s full show schedule can be found on their website at and tickets for the Trailside show can be purchased at

Things Change

Dennis Ellsworth

Things Change—Dennis EllsworthIn 2017 Dennis Ellsworth needed to make a new album. And it was an emergency. So, who better to call for assistance than Joel Plaskett, leader of The Emergency, to participate. The result is Ellsworth’s fifth solo LP, Things Change, a convergence of his irresistible power pop songwriting chops with Plaskett and co.’s trademark vintage guitar-driven sound.

In the past, Prince Edward Island native Ellsworth has never hesitated to seek out the right people for specific projects. It’s led him to build an impressive body of work in conjunction with producer David Barbe (Drive-By Truckers, Sugar), along with CanRock heroes such as Josh Finlayson (Skydiggers, Gord Downie), Hugh Christopher Brown, and Tim Bovaconti (Ron Sexsmith). However, teaming up with Plaskett at Joel’s New Scotland Yard studio in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia became a totally immersive experience for Ellsworth that opened up many new creative possibilities.

Joel Plaskett assumed production duties for the new album and enlisted his longtime drummer from the Emergency, Dave Marsh, and Charles Austin of east coast rock legends Superfriendz to participate. Ellsworth came more prepared than he ever had before, having spent a considerable amount of time crafting home demos, which he says allowed him to conceive an overall framework for the album rather than viewing it as 12 individual songs. It also gave Plaskett plenty of opportunities to offer his ideas and build on the hooks Ellsworth had already devised.

After two decades of making music in various incarnations, Ellsworth chalks up what he’s accomplished on Things Change in large part to simply being older and wiser. “For years I wrote dark, smooth, romantic alt-country-ish type songs,” he says. “I don’t know how I ever got there but I stuck with it for a while. I love those records, but I knew it was time I switched things up just to keep myself interested.”

Now he says, “I feel like I’ve entered into this new land of possibility and I’m gonna ride that wave for a bit. I also think my songwriting is getting stronger with every album. I feel like I’ve found a way to get a message across with the perfect balance. It’s still poetic but does a much better job of drawing a listener in with clear messages and some great combinations of words.”

Catch Dennis playing on PEI May 3 at Trailside Café in Mount Stewart at 8 pm and May 18 with Kinley Dowling at Harmony House, Hunter River at 8 pm.

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