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2019 FIN Kids Film Competition

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I Remember Canada

Teresa Doyle

Teresa Doyle – I Remember CanadaTeresa Doyle released her new album, I Remember Canada, at The Trailside Cafe in September. This is the twelfth recording for Teresa Doyle. Her music has taken many directions over the years—jazz, celtic, music for children, renaissance, gaelic and world. This collection follows in the path of Pete Seeger and Buffy St. Marie. The EP is a love song to Canada with seven songs that speak to the hopes and challenges of our time. The title track, says Doyle, laments losing our moral compass—that we are no longer proud to sew flags on our backpacks, and no longer a nation of peacekeepers.

“I Remember Canada, Teresa Doyle’s latest project, is a musical wakeup shake that will reignite your love for this country. Move over, Stompin’ Tom. These are the new anthems we will all commit to our maple leaf shaped hearts.”—Mae Moore songwriter/artist/environmentalist

The recording was produced by multi-instrumentalist, Andrew MacIsaac. Teresa says, “my philosophy is find a good producer and let them do their job. With Richard Chapman, Oliver Schroer , Jaron Freeman-Fox and now Andrew, I took a gamble on a newbie. All of those guys never produced for anyone else before, but I loved their music sensibility and valued their friendship. It’s very important to me that the producer is a friend, some who knows me well and can paint the picture that’s inside my head. I am thrilled with Andrew’s production, the album has hints of folk, pop, latin and world music.”

This recording tackles the big issues. With the refugee crisis “The World is in a Pickle” couldn’t be more timely. Doyle searches for a root cause and postulates that selling arms to despots creates big problems, as does the fact that 85 billionaires own half the world. “Leave it in the Ground” underlines what Doyle describes as the hard reality that most of the fossil fuels on the planet need to stay put to avoid catastrophic climate change. “Lucky” is feel good pop, celebrating life on rural PEI.

Andrew contributed multiple guitars, keyboard, percussion and programming. Teresa’s son Patrick Bunston sang back up vocals, and Todd MacLean played saxophone. Andrew teamed up with Adam Gallant for the mixing and mastering. Eliza Knockwood did the video treatment of “I Remember Canada” and Kat McKernan is doing a video of “Leave it in the Ground.” Photos are by Brett Bunston and Ron Walsh did the package design. The album is available at various locations including Back Alley Discs, The Farmers Market and at

Teresa Doyle is running for the Green Party in Cardigan and has a full slate of house concerts/political meetings around the riding.

Terre Rouge


Vishtèn – Terre RougeFor the follow-up to their 2012 album Mōsaïk, ECMA winners Vishtèn went back to the source: the red soil of the Magdalens and Prince Edward Island and their local characters and torchbearers. They took up residencies in their local communities and studied parts of the tradition they had never fully explored to create Terre Rouge.

Emmanuelle studied percussive dance, collaborating with local performers and invited La Bottine Souriante dancer Sandy Silva to PEI. Together, they brought new, rock-inflected beats into flying Acadian footwork, an approach that shines on “Trois Blizzards.”

Pascal worked with master PEI fiddlers to learn more about PEI tradition and how it related to the fiddle music he grew up with on the Magdalens. “Corandina” is a Vishtèn favorite from the islands that got a revamp for the album.

Pastelle dug into mouth music. She turned to Georges Arsenault, a folklorist and historian who had dedicated himself to recording this fast-fading tradition. She listened to his extensive archives, and found herself weaving rhythmic vocal patterns into tunes such has “Coeur en Mer” and “Je vous aime tant.”

Vishtèn has gathered together the fruits of the islands, turning footwork and mouth music, “crooked” fiddle tunes and French ballads into contemporary pieces. Pulling it all together is Montreal producer Éloi Painchaud (Okoumé, Stephen Faulkner).

Raised in the Evangeline region of PEI, co-founders the LeBlanc sisters descended from one of Canada’s earliest Acadian settler families. Pastelle plays piano, mandolin, and accordion while Emmanuelle plays bodhràn, Irish whistle, piano, octave mandolin, and jaw harp. Both also step-dance. Miousse comes from a musical family of Acadian-Aboriginal ancestry from the Magdelen Islands. He was a veteran fiddler, guitarist and mandolin player, by the time he joined Vishtèn.

The ensemble has received seven East Coast Music Award nominations—winning the 2008 and 2013 Francophone Recording of the Year—and three PEI Music Awards for Group of the Year, Roots-Traditional Group of the Year and Francophone Album of the Year. They’ve performed at countless major international festivals and venues, including Festival Interceltique de Lorient in France, Europe’s largest Celtic festival, where they were named the “Revelation du Festival” in 2004.


Dan Currie

Dan Currie – HeartacheDan Currie, a local musician who has been the backbone in many bands over the years, is set to release his third solo project, Heartache.

The album began it’s life with the majority of the tracking being done at The Studio @ the Guild in Charlottetown, and was finished at The Sound Mill in Emyvale.

Heartache was produced by Dan himself, with extra help from Katie McGarry and Jon Matthews sitting in as co-producers. The album consists eight of Dan’s country-rock tunes and hosts many local musicians such as: Katie McGarry, Andrea MacDonald, Nick Currie, Jonny King, Jon Matthews, Amanda Jackson, Nathan Condon, Serge Bernard and Cynthia MacLeod.

A release party for Heartache will be held October 3 at the Factory Cookhouse & Dancehall in Charlottetown at 8 pm. Nick Doneff will open. For more information about the album and Dan Currie’s music visit


Brent Chaisson, Anastasia DesRoches, Mylène Ouellette

DOCThe newly formed group DOC with members Anastasia desRoches, Mylène Ouellette and Brent Chaisson launched their debut album DOC in August.

The album is a collection of original tunes composed by band members as well as a few favorites composed by friends. “We are pretty excited to have made the decision to record this album. For me, it is a reflection of our Acadian heritage and all of the musical influences that have shaped our playing,” says Anastasia DesRoches.

Tunes on the recording are Les tounes a Louis-Gabriel, Jaja et Jerry, Ma tante Millie, Trip to the Swamp, La parente, Mrs. Bromley’s, Island Penny/Karleigh’s/Clamdigger’s, Set pour Marie, East Meets West, and Soupers sur la rue Maple. The album is available at


Julien Kitson

Julien Kitson – ThirteenThirteen is the debut recording from 13 year old multi-instrumentalist Julien Kitson of Stratford. It is a collection of cover songs in both French and English, reflecting his varied musical influences and his Acadian heritage.

The bulk of the instruments on the album were performed by Julien, with his sister Annie adding both piano and fiddle on a few tracks. The album was recorded at The Studio at the Guild in Charlottetown under the direction of Marvin Birt and David Rashed. Birt and Rashed also penned the song, “All About You,” specifically for Julien and this project. The album is available locally at Back Alley Music in Charlottetown, Real Instruments in West Royalty, as well as iTunes.

Julien will be holding an official album release party at Le Bayou at the Carrefour de l’Isle-Saint-Jean (French School) in Charlottetown on September 18 from 5 to 8 pm. It is an all ages show, so families are welcome.


Aron Scott

Aron Scott – EARTHQUAKEAron Scott, a Summerside musician has released his debut album EARTHQUAKE.

At an early age Aron Scott was exposed to music beginning with an Elvis Presley record. By the time he was six he had discovered KISS, Alice Cooper, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. His fate was sealed and a rock rebel was born.

Fast forward many years, many songs, many scars, stories and tattoos later. Dues paid again and again, mile after mile underfoot, a guitar in one hand and a tattoo machine in the other, the idea was born. There was to be an earthquake. A big one.

EARTHQUAKE has what Aron describes as “all the snarl and glory of the best 1970’s arena rock…EARTHQUAKE, however, is not a retro record or an imitation of days-gone-by, but a modern collection of hard rock-n-roll songs that are imbued with a much longed for spirit so lacking in much modern music.”

All songs on the CD are written by Aron Scott except “No Mercy” by Scott and Stephane Bouchard. The album is produced by Aron Scott, engineered and mixed by James Carrier, recorded at Reggie’s Recording Place, and mastered by Bill Swazlowski for Ventura Digital Audio, Montreal. Musicians on the CD are Aron Scott (guitar, vocals), Stephane Bouchard (bass), Yves Arsenault (drums), Reg Ballagh (percussion), Karen Penton, Vincent Bernard, Mike Gallant, Yves Arsenault, Stephane Bouchard and Aron Scott (backup vocals). Photography is by Mike Gallant with graphic design b Brant Johnston.

Hard copies are available at independent record stores, Aron’s tattoo shop, and Artist’s Ink. Download on CD baby, iTunes Amazon mp3, Google play, Slacker radio, Spotify and most streaming and download music sites.

Aron has travelled over North America, Europe, the South Pacific. He resides in Summerside.

Romantic As It Gets

Dennis Ellsworth

Dennis Ellsworth – Romantic As It GetsSinger-songwriter Dennis Ellsworth is set to release his fifth recording titled Romantic As It Gets September 11 on Busted Flat Records.

His last record Hazy Sunshine was produced by The Skydiggers’ Josh Finlayson and brought in 2013 Music PEI awards for Roots Contemporary and Male Solo Recordings of the Year. With David Barbe (Drive By Truckers) producing, the crew recorded and mixed ten songs over eight sunny southern autumn days and nights. The result has hints of Americana, folk, and roots-rock.

“I am thrilled that I had another incredible recording session with David Barbe and the band we refer to as, The High Life Band. These guys are all based in Athens, and I met them when they were hired for Dusk Dreams (2012)”, recalls Ellsworth. “I really wanted to pick up where we left off and make a new record with the same team, so I did and it has proven to be my most focused, well-crafted record to date. Reconnecting with this crew was the best move I could’ve made. I know I will do it again down the line. It just works so damn well.”

Dennis Ellsworth has written songs in a variety of styles focusing on melody and craftsmanship with many layers and texture.

In 2014 Ellsworth was named one of Canada’s top ten new artists by the judges of the CBC Searchlight Contest. He also performed at the Lincoln Centre in New York City as one of twelve finalists in the International New Song Contest. Following the release of Romantic As It Gets, Ellsworth will tour in Canada, re-visit the United Kingdom, and will make his career debut in continental Europe.


Liam Corcoran

Liam Corcoran – ROM-DROMLiam Corcoran, co-founder and lead singer of indie-pop band Two Hours Traffic, has released his debut solo effort, ROM-DROM.

Weaving together elements of alt-country, folk, and pop, ROM-DROM’s seven tracks explore the narrative of separation by distance. Recorded in the back room of Charlottetown’s only remaining record store, Back Alley Music, the self-described mini-album reflects the core of Corcoran’s Two Hours Traffic contributions—melody-driven musings that find their heart in simplicity. It includes the rolling piano lines of the single, the countrified two-step of “Thru The Dark,” and the lighthearted bounce of “July-eh, July-oh.” 

Mixed by Dale Murray (Cuff The Duke, Christina Martin) and mastered by Andy Magoffin (Two Minute Miracles), ROM-DROM also features contributions from Prince Edward Island musicians Kinley Dowling (Hey Rosetta!), Aaron Crane (English Words), Andrew MacDonald and Derek Ellis (Two Hours Traffic), Tim Chaisson, Roger Carter (North Lakes, Racoon Bandit), and Iain McCarvill (The Meds).

For information on Liam Corcoran visit

Close Your Eyes

Racoon Bandit

Racoon Bandit – Close Your EyesEqual parts sprawling folk-rock, psych-tinged indie, and adventurous songwriting, the new album, Close Your Eyes, from Racoon Bandit, emphasizes the Charlottetown band’s knack for arrangements that hide an anthemic bite.

The follow-up to 2011’s Into The Hills sees all four members—Fraser McCallum, Roger Carter, and brothers Scott and Adam Gallant—trading off songwriting duties in the tradition of East Coast stalwarts such as Sloan and Thrush Hermit. Hear the Paul Simon-inspired bass lines of “You Got Into It,” the Traveling Wilburys drive of “On The Hook,” and the trad-ballad infused melodies of “Believe Me.”

The album closer, a cover of Dick Blakeslee’s “Passing Through,” is the title theme song for the award-winning Canadian web series, Just Passing Through. The series was heralded by the Globe and Mail last year for being “more original and funnier than most Canadian network comedies of the last decade.”

Produced by Colin Buchanan (Paper Lions), Close Your Eyes also features a host of special guests including Kinley Dowling (Hey Rosetta!), Allison Kelly (Sirens), Jill McRae (The Misled Uke), and more.

“The lyrics, mood and scope of this band hugs at the very nature of being Canadian.”—Skeleton Crew Quarterly

For information on Racoon Bandit visit


Scott MacKay

Scott MacKay — TwinPEI born singer-songwriter Scott MacKay has just released his second album with BC’s Leeroy Stagger, titled Twin.

“The album has dualistic elements to it. I wanted an album that reflects the duality of myself. The light and the dark. Me as a whole rather than a part.”

Scott’s twin Ben Mackay has a strong voice on this album, singing all the male harmonies. Their two voices play on the relationship between light and dark.

Twin was recorded, mixed and produced at Rebeltone Ranch (Lethbridge, AB) by Leeroy Stagger and mastered by John Greenham at Infrasonic Mastering (Los Angeles, CA). Lucette’s vocals are recorded by Jesse Northey of Jesse Northey Productions (Edmonton, AB), keboards are played and recorded at Hammond Ave Studio (Vancouver, BC) by Simon Kendall. Scott MacKay provides vocals, acoustic guitar and banjo. Other vocals are sung by Ben MacKay, Lucette and Karla Adolphe. Musicians on the CD are Leeroy Stagger (acoustic guitar), Kyle Harmon (drums), Tyson Maiko (bass), Matthew Robinson (electric guitar), Ben Comeau (electric guitars), Adrian Dolan (fiddle, mandolin), Simon Kendall (keyboards). Photography is by Michael Tan of Diane + Mike Photography. Graphic design is by Michael Hepher of Clawhammer Press. Songwriting is by Scott MacKay, with co-writes by Emilee Sorrey and Rosanne Baker Thornley, and a song by Fred Sterling Phillips.

Scott has been a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition Semi Finalist, Calgary CBC Searchlight, Calgary Folk Festival Songwriting Competition, PEI Song Search and Aspiring Canadian Writer’s Contest.

CDs are available at, Back Alley Music and from iTunes.

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