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Royal Winnipeg Ballet auditions

Until January 25, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet (RWB) School Professional Division will hold auditions a [ ... ]

Cornwall Family Trail-Walk Series

Explore your ecologic community with a 1-hour trail walk through Hyde Park identifying plants and wi [ ... ]

Sherwood School Video

Students and staff at Sherwood School have created Sherwood School Learn to Read video to help parents become more involved in their child’s education.

The video was created by Grade 1 teachers at the school along with their principal, Marian Grant, as part of the school’s development goals to engage parents in their child’s learning.

The video stars students who are currently in Grade 1 and their

Broken Hearted Beat Video

Tim Chaisson and Morning Fold continue to have a stellar 2010. After dates throughout southern Quebec, Ontario and at the Vancouver Olympics the band returned to the east coast in grand fashion at the East Coast Music Awards. In mid-March, the band again travelled to Toronto to participate in the 2010 Canadian Music Week. In conjunction with CMW the band shot their first video for “Broken Hearted

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher
Amy Sark’s Just By Chance debuts at Island Media Arts Festival

by Ann Thurlow

Some people say they dream of being a filmmaker. But Amy Sark actually did. I mean, she actually dreamed her first film, Just By Chance. “I had an incredibly vivid dream—I could see everything,” she explains. “I got up and wrote it down and that was my script.”

It wasn’t her first foray into the world of film and

Donna Davies

Donna Davies

Island Imagemakers
by Dave Stewart

Years ago, I sat on the Island Media Arts Co-op board with Donna. A talented filmmaker who left PEI for Halifax, I’d always wanted to know more about her filmmaking, so…

Dave: How did you get into filmmaking?

Donna: I was trying to get my short stories published and saw an ad for a screenwriting and filmmaking workshop for women. I ended up in Tatamagouche, Nova

Jeremy Larter

Jeremy Larter

Island Imagemakers
by Dave Stewart

One day before The Buzz deadline. Two new messages in my Facebook inbox. One is from Jeremy Larter, responding to my filmmaker Q&A. It goes like this:

Dave: How would you describe yourself as a filmmaker?

Jeremy: A work in progress. I’d like to keep learning my craft to the point where I feel like I can tackle any type of film. I love making comedies, but my

Island Media Arts Festival

Island Media Arts Festival

The Island Media Arts Co-Op presents the inaugural Island Media Arts Festival. Films from Island filmmakers will be screened across PEI and panels will give information about making movies. Opportunities to pitch projects and to network are included in the schedule.

Each event during the IMAFestival is open to all members of the public and filmmakers alike. The festival kicks off with screenings

Rob MacDonald and Jason Rogerson

Rob MacDonald and Jason Rogerson

Island Imagemakers
by Dave Stewart

Ext. Ch’town Street/Int. Editing Suite—Day

Rob MacDonald gets an e-mail from Dave Stewart on his iPod while heading for a coffee. Jason Rogerson gets the same e-mail on his Mac while editing a TV ad at Moses Media.

Dave: Why do you make movies?

Rob: I have a lot of important and personal things I need to say about the state of society, humanity as we plummet into

This Place Matters

Karyn Brown wins contest with video about Saint Patrick’s Church

The Department of Tourism and Culture, in association with The Island Media Arts Co-op (IMAC), has announced the winning entry in the “This Place Matters” Historic Places Youth Video Contest.

A video featuring historic Saint Patrick’s Church in Bayside has been selected as the winning entry. The creator of the winning video is Karyn

Awra Amba

Film screening and discussion about unique Ethiopian community

Awra Amba is situated in a rural, food insecure region of Ethiopia. The community has developed around goals of equality, hard work and non-violence. It demonstrates these goals by using local, indigenous knowledge in unique ways which include a culture of weaving, using local building materials, and promoting equality between men and

Crossing Over

The Other Notebook
by David Helwig

I don’t watch television much these days, the local news, live sports now and then, maybe one or two shows during the week. Our only connection to the outside world is rabbit ears, but even if we had a dozen channels I suspect I wouldn’t watch a lot more. But I have become a student of TV drama on the CBC since that’s all we get. I once worked in CBC TV drama, and

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The Ennis Sisters

Newfoundland sisters on the mainstage December 1
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Mark Critch

November 14
Florence Simmons Performance Hall On November 14 at 7:30 pm, Bookmark, Charlottetown’s [ ... ]

Light Up the Dark

Confederation Centre holiday show December 14
Homburg Theatre Confederation Centre carries a long t [ ... ]

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