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A Course in Miracles

Every Friday evening at 7 pm a group meets for an in depth study and discussion of the text “A Cou [ ... ]

Battle Tales IV: We Battle On

Short story contest Battle Tales IV is a short story contest which will run January 20 at 12:01 am, [ ... ]

An Innocent Abroad in Europe Summer 1965
James W. Macnutt, Q.C.

On Five Dollars A Day: An Innocent Abroad in Europe Summer 1965—James W. Macnutt, Q.C.Austin MacAuley Publishers™ have recently published a novel by James MacNutt entitled On Five Dollars A Day: An Innocent Abroad in Europe Summer 1965.

…”In the mid-1960s there was a concerted effort by governments on both sides of the Atlantic to encourage international students to travel around Europe. It was deemed a matter of great importinace for the young of the New World to see at first ahnd this great concinent, whose millennia-old civilisation had in the previous fift years been battered by two titanic traumas in the shape of the world wars. …,” says Macnutt.

“As a result, young Americans and Canadians—and for that matter, australians and New Zealanders—arriving in Europe could expect deeply discounted prices on account of their student status. More signigicantly, perhaps, they could also benefit from the book that had become a sort of bible for cash-straped travellers: Arthur Frommer’s Europe on 5 Dollars a Day.”

James MacNutt was one of those students. This book is closely based on that first visit that he made to the continent.

In the summer of 1965, Will MacIntosh, a naive but highly inquisitive twenty-two year-old from Canada, embarks on a life-changing excursion through Europe. Arriving there, he finds the trauma of the Second World War still fresh on every street and in every person’s mind.

While his high-minded purpose is to investigate the political complexities of the region and envelop himself in its cultural treasures, Will find himseld drawn to more earthly pursuits—usually alcoholic, but occasionally amorous in nature. Amongst his many adventures, Will is mysteriously spied on in Denmark, tries to discuss politics with some very polite Neo-Nazis in Lübeck, is menaced by East German guards at Checkpoint Charlie, inadvertently joins a deadly demonstration in Athens and is mistaken for the devil in Crete.

Tempering Will’s youthful insights and enthusiasms with its author’s more measured view of the world, On Five Dollars a Day is a snapshot of one man’s interactions with people and places all over Europe. It provides a record of the continent at a particularly critical moment in its history.

James Macnutt has been a practising lawyer for almost 50 years and is a Queen's Counsel. He has visited over 70 countries, some several times, which has enabled him to research and inform his writing. His previous books shared the theme of the description and interpretation of aspects of the history and heritage of Prince Edward Island. While heavily indebted to Macnutt’s visit to Europe in 1965, On Five Dollars A Day is his first foray into fiction.

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