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Men of the Harvest position

Men of the Harvest, a male Gospel choir, is seeking a pianist-musical director beginning in Jan [ ... ]


What can you do when someone close to you drinks too much? Al-Anon Family groups provide hope and he [ ... ]

Helen Macdonald Of Glenalladale—Miss Nelly

Genevieve I. MacDonald

Helen Macdonald Of Glenalladale: Miss Nelly—Genevieve I. MacDonaldThe Hillsborough River Association invites you to join us in celebrating the launch of Helen MacDonald of Glenalladale - Miss Nelly, written by the late Genevieve I. MacDonald, on August 15 at 7 pm at Tracadie Community Centre on Station Road in Tracadie Cross.

Genevieve MacDonald was a historian and a founding member of the PEI Scottish Settlers Historical Society, the PEI Genealogical Society and the Hillsborough River Association.

Her idea of bringing to life the story of Helen MacDonald of Glenalladale originated back in the 1990s when she was a student at UPEI taking a course in Women’s Studies with Professor Joanne Veer. As Genevieve put it “In discussions of the pioneer women of Prince Edward Island, the name of Helen MacDonald of Glenalladale ‘Miss Nelly’ is notably absent.”

Helen MacDonald’s story is fascinating. “Miss Nelly” arrived from Scotland on St. John’s Island (now Prince Edward Island) with her family in 1772 as part of the Glenalladale immigration. It was not long before she found herself managing the then 20,000 acre Glenalladale estate when her brothers John and Donald left to serve in the American Revolutionary War. She managed Glenalladale Estate for nearly 20 years. As a woman doing what was then considered men’s work and a job for which she had no preparation, she was an extraordinary pioneer.

By March 2017, Genevieve had completed the book, with the exception of inserting the illustrations, when she was struck by a sudden illness which claimed her life. In 2018, Catherine MacDonald, her daughter, completed the editing of Helen MacDonald of Glenalladale - Miss Nelly which Genevieve had so lovingly researched and prepared. The family offered the transcript to the PEI Scottish Settlers Historical Society for publication. The proceeds from its sales will be donated to Glenaladale Heritage Trust for preservation of the historic Glenaladale Estate in Tracadie Cross, PEI. It is available from the Trust at Pre-orders are now being accepted for signed copies and mail orders will be available.

During the launch, Genevieve’s daughters Catherine and Mary-Carla MacDonald will offer a brief presentation on the life of Miss Nelly, answer questions and sign copies of the book. There will be a display of Miss Nelly’s artifacts and the publications of the PEI Scottish Settlers Historical Society and the Hillsborough River Association. Refreshments will be served.

The PEI Scottish Settlers Historical Society is supported by PEI Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture’s Community Cultural Partnership Program. For information: Catherine MacDonald at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 902-626-5676.

In the Midst of it All: Ten Essays and Reflections on Life and Faith

Father Robert Coady

Father Robert Coady has written a book entitled In the Midst of it All: Ten Essays and Reflections on Life and Faith. It has been distributed to some of the churches where Father Coady has served over the past forty-two years. It is also available at the Bookmark in Charlottetown.

GIFt Horse

Short tales of big adventures from the Prince Edward Island GIFted Genre Writing Group
PEI GIFted Genre Writing Group

GIFt Horse: Short tales of big adventures from the Prince Edward Island GIFted Genre Writing GroupThe PEI GIFted Genre Writing Group is not a writing group at all, but rather a support group for the oddest writers in the province. Despite that, the group has hunkered down to release their inaugural anthology of genre short stories.

GIFt Horse features 15 short tales of big adventures from eight Island genre writers. From killer cowboys to half elves to the steampunk apocalypse, imagination roams when genre writers are cooped up all winter-long in a small town. The anthology includes sci-fi, western, fantasy, action-packed stories and there’s lots of poetry and even a play. Contributors include Shane Colin Mountain, Ryan Gallant, John-Ross Fitzpatrick, Katie Mac, Dylan Roberts, Chris Wilson, Jennifer Platts-Fanning and Matthew Sherman. The collection is edited by Katie Mac, Chris Wilson and Ryan Gallant.

A book launch will be held on August 18 from 4 to 6 pm at Bar1911, 113 Longworth Avenue, Charlottetown. There will be snacks.

RED #17

Published by Tangle Lane

RED Magazine — Volume 18REDquarters are settling into their new publishing cycle which is now three times a year (March/July/November). RED Magazine — Volume 17 — is in stores now and it is jam-packed with Island stories. 

Norah Pendergast, a first time contributor to RED has written an essay about the dichotomous legacy of Sister Mary Henry, and in particular, controversial child adoption practices during her time with the Catholic Social Welfare Bureau.  

RED regular John Quimby tells a story about his indoctrination into the cut-throat world of Auction 45s in Murray Harbour North. 

Another RED first-timer, Will Beckett, tells the tale of his journey to Philadelphia PA to document the famous PEI Dimetrodon fossil for his web-series "Prehistoric PEI." 

Stalwart RED contributor Michael Conway writes about one of his favorite Island characters, Father Clarence Roche, and a group of east-end Charlottetown kids under his guidance who learned to play baseball on a ‘trestle-mud’ field in the east end and went on to win a maritime championship.

Read these stories and more in the new issue. 

Minding the House

A Biographical Guide to Prince Edward Island MLAs (Volume II) 1993-2017

The Honourable Francis (Buck) Watts, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island and Mr. George Webster, Chair of the Association of Former Members of the Legislative Assembly of P.E.I. recently launched Minding the House, A Biographical Guide to Prince Edward Island Members of the Legislative Assembly MLAs (Volume II) 1993-2017. Joining the launch were Premier H. Wade MacLauchlan, the Honourable James Aylward, Leader of the Official Opposition, and Peter Bevan-Baker, Leader of the Third Party.

Speaker Watts stated, “This publication and biographical guide of Members past (1993-2017) compliments the previous one that was published in 2002, Minding the House, A Biographical Guide to Prince Edward Island Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs), 1873-1993.

For information or to purchase , contact the Office of the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly at 902-368-4310.

The Secret of Bowring Park

Christine Gordon Manley

The Secret of Bowring Park—Christine Gordon ManleyChristine Gordon Manley invites anyone who believes in the magic within to help her launch The Secret of Bowring Park on July 17 at 6:30 pm at the Confederation Centre Library in Charlottetown.

Every child who has visited the Peter Pan statue in St. John’s, NL, swears that it is magic. They know that the mice, squirrels, rabbits, and fairies are never in the same place as the last time they visited. Some say they’ve seen Peter wink at them, and others believe they’ve heard the soft whispering sounds of a flute. Is the Peter Pan statue really magic?

The Secret of Bowring Park, is a story of magic, eternal wonder, and the bond between sisters. This early reader chapter book includes illustrations by Newfoundland artist Laurel Keating and is published through Breakwater Books.

A freelance editor, Christine co-owns communications and marketing company, Manley Mann Media, with author Jaime Lee Mann. Christine’s short stories have appeared in magazines, websites, and journals, with “I’ll Always Make it Back Home” winning Honourable Mention and publication in Canada’s Tales of the Fantastic (2017). She was born, and grew up, in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. While she fell in love with the red soil of PEI, where she now lives, Newfoundland is never far from her mind.

The launch is co-hosted by The Bookmark and Breakwater Books and is an all-ages event. Rumour has it there will be Tinkerbell-themed treats available.

Island at the Centre of the World

John Calder

 Island at the Centre of the World—John CalderAcorn Press has released Island at the Centre of the World by John Calder, a look at the geological history of Prince Edward Island.

PEI has a history. But its story begins far, far beyond the birth of the nation, the arrival of European settlers, the Mi’kmaq, or even the first humans. Its story is older than the Island, which was born of climate change and rising seas 7,000 years ago.

The red cliffs of the Island have their origins in a world some 290 million years ago. The rocks of the island province were deposited as rivers coursed their way through the tropical heart of Pangea, a giant landmass formed by moving continents. The part of the Earth that would one day become PEI lay at the centre of this world, and felt the its intense monsoon rains and withering dry seasons. This was the beginning of the Age of Reptiles that preceded the dinosaurs, and the landscapes, dryland forests, and animal life of that time are all recorded here across PEI. The L’Nuk, or Mi’kmaq, witnessed the birth of this Island thousands of years ago.

Dr. John Calder is an internationally recognized scientist/geoscientist/geologist, author, educator, commentator and photographer. His passion is sharing the  story of the Earth, for which he was awarded the H.R. Ward Neale Medal of the Geological Association of Canada for excellence in communicating geoscience to Canadians. He was the lead scientist in the designation of the Joggins Fossil Cliffs of Nova Scotia as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. John is author of The Joggins Fossil Cliffs: Coal Age Galápagos and more than 200 scientific publications on the region’s geology.

Dr. John Calder will launch Island at the Centre of the World at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery, Charlottetown, July 15 at 2 pm. All are welcome to attend.

Put Your Hand in My Hand: The Spiritual Connections of Catherine and Gene MacLellan

Harvey Sawler

Put Your Hand in My Hand: The Spiritual Connections of Catherine and Gene MacLellan—Harvey SawlerA new book by Harvey Sawler, Put Your Hand in My Hand: The Spiritual Connections of Catherine and Gene MacLellan, has been released by Nimbus Publishing.

Put Your Hand in My Hand is the story of the relationship between one of Canadian singer-songwriter Gene MacLellan and his daughter Catherine, also a talented musical artist. Gene MacLellan’s contribution to the Canadian songbook includes top-forty hits such as “Snowbird,” “Bidin’ My Time,” and “Put Your Hand in the Hand.” His compositions propelled the careers of stars such as Anne Murray. Catherine MacLellan, a JUNO-award winner and two-time ECMA winner, released her debut album in 2004.

In Put Your Hand in My Hand, Harvey Sawler paints a portrait a complex man whose words and melodies left us wanting more than he was able to give before he took his life in 1995 at the age of fifty-six. For the book, Sawler interviewed Catherine, who lives in a rural community on PEI. She candidly addresses the issue of mental health and her father’s legacy. This book includes her own lyrics, family photos, and previously unpublished lyrics from Gene MacLellan’s journals, which give new insight into the enigmatic man. 

Sawler also interviewed Catherine’s mother, Judith, and others, including Lennie Gallant.

Harvey Sawler has written more than a dozen books, including contemporary fiction, non-fiction, and historical fiction including: Frank McKenna: Beyond Politics; One Man Grand Band: The Lyrical Life of Ron Hynes and On the Road with Dutch Mason. He lives on PEI, where he also works in branding and creative copywriting.

Book launch and author signing takes place July 14 from 1 to 3 pm at Back Alley Music, 257 Queen Street, Charlottetown.

Souris by the Sea: Home of the Dragger Fleet

Paul Gallant, with Fan MacIntyre and Roy Lambie

Souris by the Sea: Home of the Dragger Fleet—Paul Gallant, with Fan MacIntyre and Roy LambieSouris by the Sea: Home of the Dragger Fleet, by Paul Gallant, with Fan MacIntyre and Roy Lambie, is a new book about the dragger fleet out of Souris. It is being launched July 8, 2 pm at the Souris Legion.

The full colour book tells the history through interviews transcribed verbatim, with captains and crews; plant workers, owners, and managers. It features over 150 colour photos and newspaper articles, and includes a detailed summary of the wooden and steel draggers built in the Maritimes.

The town of Souris, near the eastern tip of PEI, has a long history of fishing and processing. In the 1950s its transition to dragger fishing ignited the economy for fishermen, processors, and plant workers. Over the next decades, boats got bigger and stronger—from 60- and 65-foot wooden draggers, to 92-foot steel side trawlers. Usen Fisheries upped the ante by purchasing larger mid-water stern trawlers which sailed home with their holds brimming with redfish from the Gulf of St. Lawrence, off Cape Breton and Labrador.

The local economy was booming. “When we had two shifts going we had well over 300 people in the plant, while the people in the draggers would be another 60 to 65 people,” remembered Roy Lambie, manager of Usen Fisheries in Souris. But in 1992 a moratorium on the cod fishery in Atlantic Canada rang a warning bell that fish stocks were being depleted. When the Usen fish plant in Souris was destroyed by fire in 1993, it was a fatal blow.

The stories in this book give the reader a knowledge of the inshore and offshore groundfish fishing industry in Souris. Today, the community’s harbour enjoys a vibrant lobster fishery, a snow crab fishery with inshore groundfish, herring, tuna, scallop, mackerel, and a capelin fishery.

Souris by the Sea: Home of the Dragger Fleet is available from selected retailers in Souris, and from Paul Gallant at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Lazy Historian’s Guide to the Wives of Henry VIII

Jillianne Hamilton

The Lazy Historian’s Guide to the Wives of Henry VIII—Jillianne HamiltonSo, you’ve watched The Tudors and you’ve read Wolf Hall, but do you know the real story of Catherine, Anne, Jane, Anne, Katheryn and Katherine?  Focusing on the lives of the wives, The Lazy Historian’s Guide to the Wives of Henry VIII gives the six unfortunate queens the biography they almost certainly wouldn’t have asked for.

Charlottetown author Jillianne Hamilton’s debut novel, Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire, was shortlisted for the 2016 Prince Edward Island Book Award and now she uses her sassy and snarky storytelling skills to bring to life one of British history’s most alluring eras, determined to make history fun and accessible.

The Lazy Historian’s Guide to the Wives of Henry VIII is available at Bookmark in Charlottetown and on Amazon. Visit for information.

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