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Plays wanted for Community Theatre Festi...

The PEI Community Theatre Festival will be held at the Carrefour in Charlottetown on March 30, 2019, [ ... ]

Leadership Training

Holland College is offering a leadership training program for board members and staff of not-for-pro [ ... ]

out of the witch’s mouth

Patti Sinclair

out of the witch's mouth - Patti Sinclair

out of the witch’s mouth explores the theme of flight and landing in our lives. The book includes “ghazals,” an ancient Persian form of poetry which the mystic poet Hafiz often utilized. Patti’s ghazals explore the themes of mid-life, suffering, playing, elders, and how just landing at the kitchen table and looking at what is there, can give us answers.

“Patti Sinclair’s poems reveal themselves to us as naturally as if they were growing out of the earth. With rhythmic grace and resonant imagery, she locates the deep, fierce impulses of what it is to be human. And by offering a world of intimate domesticity, it is as if she is chanting the song of our own lives.”—Anne Simpson, Nova Scotian poet and novelist

Patti Sinclair’s previous works are the creative non-fiction book, Motherhood As A Spiritual Practice and a shorter collection, red poems. She has been a featured poet with the UPEI’s Diversity Office.

out of the witch’s mouth has a red linen weave cover with a clear vellum overleaf, with photo by Alessio Pieroni.

TWiG Blooms

The Writers in Group (TWiG)

TWIG Blooms - The Writers in Group

The Writers in Group or TWiG will host a book launch at the Confederation Centre Library, June 7 from 2–4 pm. TWiG Blooms is the title of the third anthology to be published by the group. The TWiG Anthology appeared in 1998 and TWiG Branches Out was published in 2001. The upcoming launch will present TWiG Blooms. “It’s long overdue,” said Paul Vreeland, a member of the group. “It’s been eight years since our last anthology.”

TWiG Blooms features the writing of Robert Acorn, Maud Anschutz, Lorraine Buck, Beatrice Davis, Milton Ehrlich, Sol Feldstein, Shirley Limbert, Ingrid MacDonald, Ruth Mischler and Paul Vreeland. “There’s something for everyone, from sonnets to short stories, flash fiction to haiku, even creative non-fiction,” said Vreeland.

The members meet weekly at the Kirk of St. James to share and critique their writing. Vreeland adds, “We have a lot of laughs too; we’re a pretty loving group.” Having met regularly for 14 years TWiG claims to be Charlottetown’s oldest surviving writers’ group.

Signed copies of TWiG Blooms will be available for sale at the launch ($ 20) and those interested in joining TWiG will have an opportunity to talk with the authors.

Wild Island: Prince Edward Island’s Hidden Wilderness

John Sylvester

Wild Island - John Sylvester

Acorn Press and award-winning photographer John Sylvester have teamed up to produce Sylvester’s latest book, Wild Island: Prince Edward Island’s Hidden Wilderness.

John Sylvester says that it is the experience of wild things in our natural surroundings that brings peace, wonder, and inspiration to his work and life. On an Island aptly called “The Million-Acre Farm,” the challenge in creating this book is that so many of Prince Edward Island’s “wild things” have disappeared. Now Wild Island gathers together these fragments and presents a picture of PEI as Sylvester imagines it might have appeared before permanent settlement. This book is a portrait of the diversity and beauty of what remains. It is hoped that the book will inspire readers to explore PEI’s natural areas for themselves and support the cause of natural areas conservation. To that end, a portion of the royalties are being donated to The Island Nature Trust, a conservation group that for thirty years has worked to protect the Island’s remaining natural communities.

John Sylvester is an internationally published photographer and author. His work appears regularly in books, calendars, and magazines, including Coastal Living, Yankee, Country Gardens, Ranger Rick, Canadian Geographic, Our Canada, Canadian Gardening, Canadian Living, Reader’s Digest, Explore, Saltscapes, Nature’s Best, Islands, Time, and Outdoor Photography Canada.

John travels throughout Canada creating images for clients and his ever-growing stock photo library. He is a three-time winner of the Canadian Tourism Commission’s Northern Lights Award for Excellence in Travel Journalism and Photography. His previous books include Island Light, From Red Clay and Salt Water, Images of New Brunswick/Splendeurs du Nouveau-Brunswick, and the children’s geography book, Canada. John lives with his family in Greenvale.

The book, designed by Matthew MacKay and printed by Friesens in Altona, Manitoba, is distributed on the Island by Tangle Layne and off-Island by Nimbus Publishing.

Angora Napkin

Troy Little

Angora Napkin - Troy Little

IDW Publishing has released Angora Napkin, a graphic novel written and illustrated by Troy Little.

Following the success of his noir graphic novel Chiaroscuro, Island writer/artist Troy Little takes a detour into the comedic cartoon world of the girl pop band known as Angora Napkin.

This book follows the adventures of Beatrice, Molly and Mallory one Halloween night as they race to the big show. Taking a shortcut on a dark, twisted mountain road, the girls cross paths with one of the wandering dead and offer him a lift to a secret underground party. All hell breaks loose when the girls unwittingly convince a lonely, misunderstood zombie to eradicate life on Earth in order to keep the party of the undead going for all eternity.

Angora Napkin has already caught the attention of Teletoon, Canada’s animation network and has been picked up as an animated pilot, which is slated to air later this year.

The book is available in bookstores everywhere.

Butterflies in My Belly

Jackie MacKay
Illustrations by Brenda Whiteway

Butterflies in My Belly - Jackie MacKay

Butterflies in My Belly, written by Jackie MacKay and illustrated by Brenda Whiteway, is co-published by The Acorn Press and the Catholic Family Services Bureau.

Tommy Corbin is a grade three student whose favourite part of school is gym class. He especially loves learning new soccer drills. But sometimes during the day, millions of butterflies begin flying around in Tommy’s belly, making it impossible to concentrate on his school work. But when he overhears his teacher tell his parents that he has ang(sigh)ety during parent-teacher interviews, he has a mystery to solve. He doesn’t know what that word means, but he’s determined to find out. But it’s not easy. His classmates can’t help him and some adults don’t want to talk about it.

Author Jackie MacKay is a therapist who counsels children in a play therapy setting. Butterflies in My Belly was inspired by her work with young children at The Children’s Centre, a division of the Catholic Family Services Bureau in Charlottetown. She has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Sir Wilfrid Laurier University and lives in Pleasant Grove with her husband and two children.

Brenda Whiteway is a visual artist specializing in painting who lives and works on Prince Edward Island. She received a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and has exhibited in group and solo shows. Her work is found in private and public collections. Creating art not only provides her with meaning and purpose, but is a great way to chase butterflies and banish anxiety.

Butterflies in My Belly is co-published by The Acorn Press and the Catholic Family Services Bureau, with funding support from The Community Foundation of Prince Edward Island, The Rotary Club of Charlottetown, The Rotary Club of Charlottetown Royalty, The Rotary Club of Hillsborough, and The IWK Foundation Community Grants Program.

I Like Apples

Marie Lyon

I Like Apples - Marie Lyon

I Like Apples, a children’s book by Marie Lyon, has recently been published by Xlibris. I Like Apples is a book for 3 to 6 year-olds illustrated in bright colours in colouring-book mode, with text pages introducing small sketches. Marie says she hopes her book will stimulate children to observe and ask questions.

Bossy the cow lives on a small farm with a yellow cat who is her companion. Bossy is curious about the moon and stars, and about the fruit-tree near the fence which has pears hanging from its branches. After being fed a pear, Bossy realizes that she much prefers apples.

Marie Lyon grew up on an Acadian farm on PEI. As a child she had a pet lamb named Nannie and a friendly cow called Bossy. She recently moved back to the Island with her husband, Noel, and their two cats, Charlie, a large orange tabby, and Maggie, a small gray tabby. They spend their winters in Summerside and their summers in Marie’s 150-year-old ancestral farmhouse in Wellington.

I Like Apples is available by contacting Marie at 854-2134 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sensational Seafood

Julie V. Watson

Sensational Seafood - Julie V. Watson

Nimbus has released a new edition of Sensational Seafood: Creative and Classic Recipes from the East Coast by Julie V. Watson.

This collection of seafood recipes includes easy-to-follow instructions, suggested serving sizes and a little bit of seafood history. Beginning with a comprehensive section on how to buy, prepare, and store fish, molluscs, and crustaceans, Watson’s cookbook provides the how-to for the inexperienced chef, while keeping a good mix of recipes for the more daring expert.

Julie V. Watson has published twenty-five books, six of which were about Atlantic Canadian cooking including Simple Pleasures from Our Maritime Kitchens, and Largely Lobster. She lives in Charlottetown.

Shipwrecks & Seafaring Tales

Julie V. Watson

Shipwrecks & Seafaring Tales of PEI - Julie V. Watson

Nimbus has announced the release of a new edition of Julie Watson’s Shipwrecks & Seafaring Tales of Prince Edward Island.

In this collection of tales Julie has gathered information that has survived and been handed down in legends, folklore, in archives and family histories. It includes the story of the disastrous voyage of 1,500 British prisoners sent to France after the Acadian expulsion in the 1750s and the 1836 adventure of Tommy Tuplin who, at the age of six, was washed overboard in a storm and then washed back into the ship’s rigging.

Julie V. Watson has written twenty-five books and hundreds of magazine articles on a variety of topics. Her published works include Ghost Stories and Legends of Prince Edward Island and Historic Charlottetown. Julie has won several awards, including the Lawrence Jackson Lifetime Achievement Award. She lives in Charlottetown, where she runs a small business, Seacroft.

Acadian Mi-Carême: Masks and Merrymaking

Georges Arsenault
Translated by Sally Ross

Acadian Mi-Carême: Masks and Merrymaking - Georges Arsenault

The rich traditions associated with Mi-Carême or Mid-Lent are firmly anchored in the folkways of Acadian communities. To celebrate Mi-Carême, people visited each others homes dressed up in masks and costumes. In the midst of the merrymaking, a mysterious character called the Mi-Carême gave candies to little children—and sometimes even delivered babies. But this strange individual scared many young Acadians because they feared he would take them away if they misbehaved.

Today, Acadians still put on their masks and costumes to go visiting for the annual Mi-Carême celebrations in communities across Eastern Canada. Acadian Mi-Carême: Masks and Merrymaking traces the origins of this tradition, highlights modern-day celebrations and looks at the role it still plays in Acadian culture.

Georges Arsenault is the Maritimes’ pre-eminent Acadian historian and folklorist who has been writing about the Acadians of Prince Edward Island since the early 1980s. His landmark book, Les Acadiens de l’Île, 1720-1980, won both the Champlain and France-Acadie prizes. In 2002, he wrote Acadian Legends, Folktales and Songs from Prince Edward Island, and with the publication of Acadian Christmas Traditions in 2007, he expanded his research to include Acadian traditions throughout Eastern Canada. The original French version of his latest book, La Mi-Carême en Acadie received the 2008 Prince Edward Island Book Award.

Sally Ross is an historian and translator from Nova Scotia. She has translated three other books by Georges Arsenault: The Island Acadians, 1720-1980; Acadian Legends, Folktales, and Songs from Prince Edward Island; and Acadian Christmas Traditions.

Acadian Mi-Carême is published by The Acorn Press.

Fatted Calf Blues

Steven Mayoff

Fatted Calf Blues - Steven Mayoff

Island resident, Steven Mayoff launches his debut fiction collection, Fatted Calf Blues, at the Confederation Centre Library.

The book, which is published by Turnstone Press, has received some impressive early praise.

“The memorable characters of Fatted Calf Blues resonate long after these stories are over: a man in a streetcar proclaiming his genius, a couple who question one another after a love note is found taped to their door, a man at a truck stop who keeps a dream diary. They’re curious, funny, wistful; we’re sure we’ve met them somewhere before. With energy and wit, Mayoff shows us all that is familiar, and then tilts the world so it becomes surprising and strange. These are stories to relish—sink your teeth into this book.”—Anne Simpson, author of Falling

“Seasoned and edgy, these stories straddle the shifting gap between the real and the surreal, the magical and the grotesque. They carve out a sparkling niche of light from the shadows of their characters’ longings and culpability, and are guaranteed to test and celebrate the reader’s footing! Steven Mayoff’s ear for dialogue and eye for quirky detail make Fatted Calf Blues a startling debut.”—Carol Bruneau, author of Glass Voices

“Fatted Calf Blues is chock full of potent short fiction that bores straight into the often cold heart of the contemporary human condition. Steven Mayoff is a courageous writer, blending humour, despair, loss, violence and minor epiphany in his vivid and vital narratives.”—Matthew Firth, author of Suburban Pornography and Other Stories

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