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New Currency

New book by Jordan Bruce MacLeod

New Currency: How Money Changes the World As We Know It (Integral Publishers, 2009) is an exploration of money’s untapped power to change the world by Jordan Bruce MacLeod.

In the first half of the book, MacLeod establishes money as the primary leverage point for systemic transformation. He discusses the emergence of a new way of designing money that successfully reversed a town’s thirty-five per cent unemployment rate to full employment during the Great Depression. MacLeod argues that humanity is now ready to take a second look at this marked economic innovation. He believes that we are on the verge of making a momentous leap in social dynamics and at the heart of this shift is changing the way we see and hold money. MacLeod argues that while our monetary and economic systems have been unprecedented in their power to generate wealth and innovation, they are also directly correlated to a destructive strand of cultural narcissism. This in turn, according to MacLeod, leads to real economic development on the one hand but manifestations of exploitation, myopic decision making, environmental degradation and selfishly burdening future generations with our debt and resource consumption on the other.

In the second half of the book MacLeod concludes that it is only through monetary innovation and reconfiguring the dynamics of the marketplace that we will be able to create the conditions to resolve the most complex problems in human history.

Jordan Bruce MacLeod is a writer, consultant and strategist specializing in the evolution of economic systems and consciousness. He is co-founder of Elevator Software, and founder of the New Currency Institute. Jordan has served as a guest lecturer at the University of Economics in Prague and is currently co-founding a holistic consultancy based in London and Dubai. Jordan is a past co-chair and alumnus of the young think tank of the Club of Rome. He is an Islander and lives in Charlottetown.

A Century of Farewells: A Biographical Dictionary of Prince Edward Island Immigrants, 1800–1900

J. Clinton Morrison

A Century of Farewells: A Biographical Dictionary of Prince Edward Island Immigrants, 1800–1900 - J. Clinton Morrison

Crescent Isle Publishers, Summerside, has published Centry of Farewells: A Biographical Dictionary of Prince Edward Island Immigrants, 1800–1900 by J. Clinton Morrison. The publication, in two volumes, includes introduction, maps, illustrations, and a full color cover. Cover design and illustration is by P. John Burden.

Century of Farewells: A Biographical Dictionary of Prince Edward Island Immigrants, 1800-1900 documents the arrival of thousands of immigrants to Prince Edward Island. Most of these 19th century arrivals came from the British Isles and left their homeland for a variety of reasons, but a common thread bound them all together—the desire to have a better life in the New World.

More than seven thousand cross-referenced entries in this two-volume dictionary document the lives of perhaps one-quarter of all the immigrants who arrived on PEI during the nineteenth century. The documentation of immigrant arrivals by Mr. Morrison is an on-going project and he has already commenced a second edition which will expand and update this first edition. He estimates that from twenty to thirty thousand people arrived during the century. His research is based upon published histories, newspaper notices of death and obituaries, cemetery inscriptions, and a variety of other sources.

Century of Farewells is available at Indigo, Chapters, Coles, the Bookmark, Avonlea BookStore, several Murphy’s Pharmacies, other outlets which sell Island books, and from the author: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 902-436-8518, 902-439-2007.

Mr. Morrison is a retired teacher, and this is his eighth book, all pertaining to some aspect of PEI’s history. He and his family reside in Summerside.

Anne of Green Gables The Musical: 101 Things You Didn’t Know

Don Harron

Anne of Green Gables The Musical: 101 Things You Didn’t Know - Don Harron

White Knight Books has published a book by Don Harron, co-writer of Anne of Green Gables—The Musical™. Anne of Green Gables the musical: 101 Things you didn’t know takes you behind the scenes into the world of the people who have made Anne the hit musical that has entertained audiences for 45 years.

Don Harron has been involved with the Lucy Maud’s Montgomery’s novel Anne of Green Gables for the past 52 years. He is celebrating his 73rd year as a professional performer. This includes 6 shows on Broadway, 4 in London’s West End, 10 years of Shakespeare in 3 different countries and 56 years of stand-up comedy. He is an Officer of the Order of Canada. In 2007 he received a Gemini Award for Lifetime Achievement in Radio an Television. Don has 12 books to his credit, 11 of which were written by Don’s alter ego Charlie Farquharson. You can catch Charlie at the Confederation Centre in Charlottetown this summer.

Charlottetown: A History

Dr. Peter Rider

Charlottetown: A History - Dr. Peter Rider

Charlottetown: A History was launched at City Hall on June 16. Dr. Peter Rider, Atlantic Provinces Historian at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Ottawa, received funding to research the history of the city in the early 1980s. The book, which focuses on the era between incorporation in 1855 and amalgamation in 1995, took nearly 30 years to complete.

“Although he was able, with the help of research and graduate students, to amass a considerable amount of history on the city, Dr. Rider’s other duties demanded his full attention and the book was put on hold,” said Dr. David Keenlyside, Executive Director of the Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation. “Recently Peter was able to return to the project and the PEI Museum publishing committee readily agreed to publish it, with the Canadian Museum of Civilization as co-publisher.”

Dr. Rider, who retires from the Canadian Museum of Civilization this month, was on hand to launch the book, along with Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee and Dr. Keenlyside.

Boyd Beck, Curator of History with the Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation promises that the book is well worth the wait. “It is a very impressive book: 480 pages, lavishly illustrated, and written in a scholarly but very accessible style.”


Jordan McIntyre
Illustrated by Catherine Miller

LOOKBOOK! - Jordan McIntyre

LOOKBOOK! A Children’s Guide to Prince Edward Island, is written by Jordan McIntyre, and illustrated with paper collage by Catherine Miller. LOOKBOOK! is a family travel resource that keeps little ones engaged with fun facts, scavenger hunts, puzzles, and games about Canada’s Garden Province, for children ages 6 to 11.

Jordan McIntyre teaches part-time in the History Department at UPEI. She was inspired to write this book after many trips with her three young children. Catherine Miller is an artist and mom who lives in Charlottetown. Published by Acorn Press in Charlottetown, the book will be available in bookstores and gift shops, where it sells for $9.95.

Simon and Catapult Man’s Perilous Playground Adventure

Norene Smiley
Illustrated by Brenda Jones

Simon and Catapult Man’s Perilous Playground Adventure - Noreen Smiley

Nimbus Publishing, in cooperation with the IWK Child Safety Link and the Insurance Bureau of Canada, has announced the release of a new book that teaches kids about the importance of playground safety. Simon and Catapult Man’s Perilous Playground Adventure is written by Norene Smiley and illustrated by Brenda Jones.

The book follows the intergalactic adventures of Simon and his daring sidekick, Catapult Man, as they navigate the dangers of the neighbourhood playground. Kids are invited to follow this precocious pair as they launch off rocket boosters (swings), dodge a meteor attack in the secret escape hatch (slide), evade space pirates on the impossible space tower (climbing frame), and battle Giant Worms in the worm holes (tunnels).

Norene Smiley is the author of That Stripey Cat. She now lives in Pugwash, where she and her husband make soup and muffins in the Chatterbox Café.

Brenda Jones has illustrated more than a dozen books, including Skunks for Breakfast, Hockey Night Tonight, and the instant classic Buddy the Bluenose Reindeer. Brenda Lived in Montreal for thirty years working in an animation studio but recently returned to her native PEI to take up illustrating full-time.

The Begerkz—Shipwrecked on Planet Earth

Troy Diamond Lund

The Begerkz—Shipwrecked on Planet Earth - Troy Diamond Lund

IIslander Troy Diamond Lund has published his first novel entitled The Begerkz—Shipwrecked On Planet Earth, based on characters created by Troy Lund and his children Jordi and Dustin Lund. In his introduction to the book, Troy says, “The three of us have big plans for our Begerkz, and we hope with all our might that you and your children will enjoy the story that you are about to read. It is filled with adventure, danger, hope, and imagination!”

To escape his difficult home life, twelve year-old Jimmy Ross immerses himself in a world of comic book superheroes, retreating to the woods to find solitude when he can. It is there, among the mossy trees and leaf-strewn pathways of PEI, that he discovers a hidden world inhabited by the curious Begerkz, a tiny alien race who have crash-landed on earth.

Troy Lund is a musician, folk artist and author. After writing The Bergerkz—Shipwrecked On Planet Earth for his children, Lund decided to bring the characters to life as puppets. Kaluka, Laleafa, Motley and Koo Koo will soon star in their own movie short. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Civility: A Cultural History

Benet Davetian

Civility: A Cultural History - Benet Davetian

Are we less civil now than in the past? Benet Davetian’s study Civility: A Cultural History (University of Toronto Press) responds to this question through a historical, social, and psychological discussion of the civility practices in three nations—England, France, and the USA.

Davetian’s multi-dimensional review of civility from 1200 to the present day contextualizes his topic and provides insight into the customs of all three countries. Civility provides insight into the ideals and practices of civility and offering a meditation on the possibility of a future civility ethic capable of inspiring cooperation across cultural and national boundaries.

“Professor Benet Davetian’s scintillating tour de force fills a gaping void in the history of ideas. If you are serious about the civility-civilization connection, you will want your well-thumbed copy of Norbert Elias’ tome to share a place on your nightstand with this newcomer destined to last.”—P.M. Forni, professor, Johns Hopkins University and author of Choosing Civility: The 25 Rules of Considerate Conduct

“Civility is a tour-de-force: a work of dazzling scholarship on this core concept of our social life, ranging from the Middle Ages to the present, and covering France, England and the United States. Spitting, line-up etiquette, toilet hygiene, good manners, and the relativity of politeness are all discussed as they change and vary in this most engaging and poetically written work.… It’s absolutely fascinating!”—Anthony Synnott, Professor of Sociology at Concordia University, Montreal, author of The Body Social, Shadows: Issues and Social Problems in Canada

Benet Davetian is Chair and associate professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Prince Edward Island and is Director of the Civility Institute. His previous book The Seventh Circle was awarded the Mordecai Richler Prize for the Best Book of the Year.

House of Angels

Loman Bell

House of Angels - Loman Bell

Local singer-songwriter Loman Bell has a new release. He’s tried his hand at writing a book, calling it the House of Angels. Born and raised on Prince Edward Island, Loman Bell has written about his life, his journey through good times and the bad. He tells of the early years growing up in the village of Murray River, and helping his dad work at the Bells Texaco in Charlottetown in the 1960’s. Loman’s book relates to some intense times in his life when he says he was in need of deliverance.

His book is available at Maritime Christian Bookstore, Best of PEI, Miller’s ESSO in Murray River, Home Hardware in Montague, and Coopers in Eldon. It is available online from Amazon, and other Internet book locations.

out of the witch’s mouth

Patti Sinclair

out of the witch's mouth - Patti Sinclair

out of the witch’s mouth explores the theme of flight and landing in our lives. The book includes “ghazals,” an ancient Persian form of poetry which the mystic poet Hafiz often utilized. Patti’s ghazals explore the themes of mid-life, suffering, playing, elders, and how just landing at the kitchen table and looking at what is there, can give us answers.

“Patti Sinclair’s poems reveal themselves to us as naturally as if they were growing out of the earth. With rhythmic grace and resonant imagery, she locates the deep, fierce impulses of what it is to be human. And by offering a world of intimate domesticity, it is as if she is chanting the song of our own lives.”—Anne Simpson, Nova Scotian poet and novelist

Patti Sinclair’s previous works are the creative non-fiction book, Motherhood As A Spiritual Practice and a shorter collection, red poems. She has been a featured poet with the UPEI’s Diversity Office.

out of the witch’s mouth has a red linen weave cover with a clear vellum overleaf, with photo by Alessio Pieroni.

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