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Gary’s Christmas

6th season for sequenced lights and music show Be a part of the 6th season of Gary's Christmas sequ [ ... ]

Free tickets to Christmas concerts

The City of Charlottetown will once again present two Christmas concerts as part of the Wintertide H [ ... ]

Courthouse Jesters

The Ticket

Review by Norah Pendergast

Over the years since its construction in the summer of 1872, the St. Peter’s Courthouse Theatre has been the seat of such community institutions as law and education. In modern times it serves the purpose of a cultural center. The building has been beautifully restored and functions as a museum during the day, and on hot summer nights you can watch the sun go

Honest Love


Review by Norah Pendergast

A new play, Lights, written and directed by Alix MacLean, tells the story of a Charlottetown girl who re-learns the facts of life when she moves to a metropolis for university. Toronto offers diverse developmental influences to Mickey, the impressionable young heroine.

“Micheala” (Mickey) and “Ben” are long time best friends who make the milestone move together.

Meditating on Moloney & Co.

The Chieftains

Review by Joseph Sherman

As Celtic flutist extraordinaire Matt Molloy eases into the truly haunting strains of “Women of Ireland,” a favourite of the late harper Derek Bell, I am relieved to realize that The Chieftains have not gone career-hard and ubiquitous. They play relatively few original numbers, but what they do with O’Carolan compositions and scores of other Celtic melodies,

Flexing Your Mussels

I'm Dining Out Here
by Andrew Sprague

A few years back I was in Montreal visiting a friend. He’d told me for weeks beforehand that while I was in town he planned to take me for lunch at this great place that served only mussels and fries. At the time I wasn’t particularly excited by the idea. I’ve eaten hundreds of pounds of mussels in my lifetime, and the thought of going to a place where all

Exemplary Work

Exemplary Work
A Life In Expression / Expressions de toute une vie

Review by Jane Ledwell

I have often facetiously commented that I was raised as a literary and aesthetic Modernist as well as a Catholic. Stranger still, I was raised to believe the two creeds were oddly compatible (a claim that might have troubled Joyce, and that Eliot would only embrace in late works when his avant garde was down). The creeds

The Clash Band

The Clash Band

You might agree that a summer vacation would not be complete without the annual trip to downtown Charlottetown to witness PEI’s largest parade, The Gold Cup Parade. You might also argue that the most anticipated entry is Charlottetown’s Community Clash Band.

The notion of a community marching band was the brainchild of two musicians, Rowan FitzGerald and Frank McKearney. Their goal in the summer

A !@#$% Riot!


Review by Norah Pendergast

Outrageously satirical and energetically thrilling, from commencement to completion the cast of Sketch 22 forcefully throws humorous and shocking antics at its audience. With season two of Sketch 22 well under way, the comedians can rest assured that expectations based on last year’s success are not disappointed. The show is as memorable and hilarious as any

Making it Up

4 Skit’s Sake

Review by Norah Pendergast

Improvise, from the latin improvisus, which means literally, unforseen. To compose, recite, play or sing extemporaneously, to make, invent, or arrange offhand, or to fabricate out of what is conveniently on hand. The cast of 4 Skit’s Sake is doing it all this summer at the Art’s Guild.

Improv-comedy is a do or die theatrical medium which tests an actor’s

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The Boarding House

The Murray Players November 23–25
Murray River Community Hall The Murray Players will perform the [ ... ]

Jimmy Rankin shows

November 22 at Trailside Café
November 23 at Harbourfront Theatre Jimmy Rankin's new Moving East (o [ ... ]

Rainbow Valley—An Island Musical

ACT presents Hank Stinson’s adaptation at The Guild November 15, 16 & 17
The Guild As PEI’s [ ... ]

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A passion for cinema

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Acadian showman

Profile: Christian Gallant by Jane Ledwell Forty-six musicians and step dancers took the stage at  [ ... ]