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Lorne Elliott and Derek Edwards

Review by Ivy Wigmore

Lorne Elliot is a funny guy. I mean, that hair! The lanky wind-blown, storm-tossed look of the man, and the perennially baffled expression! What, is he joking? Well, sort of. Seeing Elliot on stage is like a performance of "The Misadventures of Mr. Lorne Elliot," as he describes the series of disasters, both large and small, that seem to make up the fabric of his life. Whether he's battling a mouse in his pajamas (um, yes, the mouse was actually in Elliot's p.j.s), trudging leagues through knee-deep mud to have a secret cigarette (foiled when a piss clam put out his only match; now he understands the moniker), or lying, naked and smeared with cheese whiz, in his basement (well, I can't really shed any more light on that one, and-seriously, folks, if you want me to, I think you may have more problems than Lorne Elliot...well, okay...I believe that it was mouse-related, but that is all I'm going to say) things just seem to happen to him, even in these most commonplace activities.

As Elliot describes it, screwing up is his life and livelihood, nice work if you can get it, since most of us-no matter how talented in that regard-never make it out of the amateur ranks, and just have to continue to flail away at life regardless.

And, as we travel through life, flailing onward, we tend to lose some acuity of perception. We stop smelling the roses; we may fail to appreciate the dew on the Budweiser. Well. Derek Edwards is here to remind us to pay attention to what is going on around us and just how messed up things are. Edwards is newer to PEI than Elliot, and not yet inured to the PEI way of life, not to mention the PEI way of driving, which tempts him to bash his head through the windshield. On arrival here he saw boxes of strawberries for sale, marked at $175 per. Got to be, he thought, the crack cocaine of strawberries. He reminisced, poignantly, about camping adventures, waking up in the great outdoors to legions of mosquitoes reeling on the floor of his tent, too full of blood and alcohol to fly.

Edwards was excruciatingly funny. Be sure to take in his act before he abandons it for his considered new career-breaking into cottages to pay for his strawberry habit.

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