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Review by Jerry Laird

When I found out I was going to the Victoria Playhouse to cover a show I felt like I going on vacation, I was going to Victoria by the sea.

The drive is spectacular with rolling hills, a patchwork of fields with round bales scattered across the countryside and at one point, across the fields, we could see the Confederation Bridge.

When we turned off the highway it was like taking a step back in time and there was a calm as we entered the village. Cars lined the street and people strolled in and out of shops and along the shore.

We decided we would go for a drink at one of the local pubs before the show. It was a short walk from the pub to the theatre and there were dozens of people chatting on the patio when we arrived.

Volunteers greeted us as we entered the lobby, the theatre was cool and people were chatting and laughing as we took our seats. The play we were seeing was Like Father, Like Son? Sorry.

Soon, from in front of the stage theatre, manager Pat Smith introduced Chris Gibbs and onto the stage walks this skinny man in an oversized black suit carrying a doll wrapped in a blanket. The crowd welcomed him with a wave of laughter and applause.

“I made a Canadian,” he boasts in an English accent, “and he doesn't look like me.”

To explain why, he broke into a disturbing impersonation of his wife's egg rejecting his sperm, for a variety of ridiculous reasons.

Later Chris took us on an animated reenactment of his sons C section birth—running frantically from side to side of the curtain separating his wife's top and bottom.

He continued on with funny life situations leading up to the final message of the story, given on hearing his son's witty interaction with his teacher on his first day of school. “Sorry son," said Chris, "you're just like me.”

Chris Gibbs' Like Father, Like Son? Sorry is a funny show and it runs until September 16th. For ticket information go to Find out more about Chris Gibbs online at

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